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  • Case Study: Coastal Farm & Ranch

    involves a combination of elements, and upon view a local retailer, Coastal Farm & Ranch, it was clear that the retail manager was working hard to keep the store’s positioning aligned with target customers’ expectations and beyond that in fact. “The first element in the retailing mix consists of product offering, which essentially turns into a question of width and depth of the product assortment” ( ). Coastal Farm & Ranch offers an incredible assortment of product ranging from western…

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  • Shoestring City Ranch Case Study

    While volunteering at the ranch I realized that how they saw the problem was different from other people who interact with the disabled on a daily basis. They did not see these kids’ disabilities as giant disadvantages, but rather as obstacles that can be overcome by simple practices…

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  • Bailie Youth Ranch Case Study

    Kristin and Julio live in a two story stick built house located on the grounds of the Bailie Youth Ranch. The Bailie Youth Ranch has five homes that are available to families who would like to get licensed for foster care. The front door opens into the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Adjacent to the dining room is the primary bathroom and master bedroom and bath. Across from the master bedroom is a bedroom. Down the hallway is a laundry room, four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Down…

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  • Loneliness On The Ranch In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    Loneliness on the Ranch Loneliness is the state of having no friends or company which often leads to unhappiness. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, characters deal with loneliness throughout the course of the novel. The author’s use of characterization, as seen in characters Candy, Crooks, Curley’s wife, and Lennie shows the theme of loneliness in the novel. The novel uses characterization of Candy to show the reader the theme of loneliness. Candy is characterized as an old ranch worker…

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  • Gale Ranch Middle School Case Study

    Ever since Gale Ranch opened, there has been a school dress code. Gale Ranch students melted into a pool of anger and are now breaking it. Some students don’t like dress code because they think it doesn’t affect their learning and it doesn’t allow them to express themselves. Students seem to ignore the fact that the dress code is there to make the environment easier to learn in, so that students would not be distracted by what other people are wearing. Staff at Gale Ranch makes sure students…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Agent Orange

    A Vietnamese farmer and his family had 500 acres of land used for crops, and this land has been in the family for generations. One day it all changed, all the land became useless and frail, and the family risked starvation and poverty. What happened? The answer was simple, Agent Orange. During the Vietnam War, new chemicals called defoliants were being used as a tactic for military purposes. One of the most common defoliants used was called Agent Orange. These defoliants were used as harmful…

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  • Agent Orange Herbicide Essay

    On January 12th 1962, the US Air force launched Operation Ranch Hand. This operation called for the use of over 19 million gallons of Agent Orange to be dumped on to the forests in Vietnam to expose the Viet Cong soldiers below. Not only did vast amounts of foliage die, but the chemical lead to birth defects, cancer, and skin rashes for soldiers and civilians who came in contact with it. Operation Ranch Hand Initiated.) Many still argue today that Agent Orange was not linked to these health…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Vietnamese Family

    Growing up in a Vietnamese family in America, the value of life is highlighted by working hard and knowing your roots. Stories about family hardship and history told from the older generation in my family are mostly ones of war. I have heard many different elements of war: war crimes, anticommunist sentiments, and the escape from Vietnam. Hearing these stories has always resonated with me, motivating me to work hard for the sacrifice of those before me. In that sense, I worked rigorously to…

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  • Agent Orange: The Psychological Effects Of The Vietnam War

    When one thinks about the Vietnam War one thing that might come to mind are the psychological effects it had on many soldiers. The most prevalent of those being PTSD, which at the time wasn’t a recognized as a mental disorder. Not to mention it often takes roughly a year for symptoms to set in so it was written off even easier which undoubtedly left many of those suffering discouraged and made to feel alone in their disorder. Psychological disorders aren’t the only problems that arose for…

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  • Agent Orange Vietnam Case Study

    As part of the Vietnam war, the U.S. military sprayed 12.1 gallons of Agent Orange defoliant on trees and vegetation in Vietnam. This so-called toxic chemical is mixed with other varieties of herbicides used for removing trees and dense tropical foliage that provided cover the Vietnam troops. Much of agent orange contains dioxin, which is a highly dangerous and toxic chemical, known to cause “reproductive and developmental problems, disruption of the immune system, interference with hormones and…

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