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  • Personal Narrative: The Ranch

    I grew up on a large open property somewhat out in the country in Healdsburg. My family and I called it (and still do) “The Ranch”. Though all in separate houses, most of my family lived there; my grandma and grandpa in one house, my aunt’s family in one, and my mom and I in another. We all were very close; my cousin on my aunt’s side was practically a sister, and my aunt and uncle a second set of parents. It was rare for one of us to not be at the others house. We’d pretend to be characters…

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  • Case Study: Dejong Ranch

    DeJong Ranch is nestled adjacent to the White River near Kennebec South Dakota. DeJong Ranch was started by the two brothers Buddy and Leo Dejong in 1948. Presently, operating the day to day operations of the ranch are Miles and Kim Dejong, Katrin and Kevin VanZanbergen (Miles and Kim’s daughter and son in law). Four key components have served as pillars for the DeJong ranch from the beginning. After emitting christian values and working as a family operation, they believe producing quality…

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  • Analysis Of Revolution On The Range By Courtney White

    In Revolution on the Range, Courtney White describes how the American West is coming into a new waive of ranching. How ranching is not just about making money to survive anymore, but also a way to help preserve their land and the land of those around them. For too long the Federal Government has taken away from the rancher’s livelihood, putting restrictions on how many cattle they are allowed to have, where they are allowed to graze, and taking away their right to controlled grass fires.…

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  • City Ranch Case Study

    Horses are not just animals. They are healers and teachers to kids and adults who interact with them at The City Ranch in Windsor Mill, MD just five minutes away from Baltimore city. City Ranch’s purpose is to provide horsemanship and horseback experiences to inner-city kids in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area. The non-profit organization has been operating since 2007. The ranch offers a variety of lessons such as horseback riding and therapy riding. Pony parties and workshops in…

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  • Case Study: Lima Ranch

    Lima Ranch is one of the many commercial Dairy farms in California that provides 21.3% of the United States milk supply. Lima Ranch has been in business for 3 generations and the producer of this diary was not there, so Dr. Frank Mitloehner delivered the tour. The tour of this facility entailed many incites to how one dairy facility can successfully run a dairy farm. This facility uses only Holstein cows for their milk production and have 1,500 milking cows. This ranch also has 1,200 heifers and…

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  • MPG Ranch Project Analysis

    so fortunate to work with was the MPG Ranch. This project allowed me to experience the actions of conservationists from a firsthand perspective in order to see for myself the value of humans with the environment. In this perspective, I was able to see ideas learned inside of the classroom mirrored with the environment. This experience allowed me to have my own imprint on the landscape and to see the steps that…

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  • Pepper Ranch Case Study

    Intellectual Property Practice Exam Trade Secret I. Introduction Pepper Ranch (PR) can pursue a trade secret claim against Nabonko. In order to satisfy a trade secret claim, a plaintiff must be able to show: (1) the subject matter qualifies for trade secret protection, (2) it took reasonable precautions to protect the trade secret, and (3) the defendant acquired the information by improper. PR can show these elements. II. Subject Matter Under the UTSA, a trade secret “means information,…

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  • Case Study Of Ralphs Ranch

    Ralphs Ranch’ is located 32 km from the city of Armidale, NSW, a town known for their quality grazing land and prime merino wool. Armidale is a great location as it near an abattoir along with sale yards and rural agribusiness companies. Ralphs Ranch is a 1084 ha farm with 11 natural dams, is split into 13 paddocks and has 2 creeks flowing conveniently through the farm. There is an average rainfall of 24 inches annually and Ralphs ranch has 404 ha of arable land and 688 ha of timbered country…

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  • Ranch Girl By Maile Meloy Essay

    Growing up on a ranch changes people; not only physically but down in your soul. This lifestyle teaches you to appreciate the little things in life. When you don’t come from much and you work hard for what you have it makes you look at the world in a different light. This was the case for the main character in “Ranch Girl” by Maile Meloy; life on the ranch shaped her. The circumstances of her life have made her staunch, melancholy, and apathetic. First of all, loyalty is a must in a ranching…

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  • Importance Of Ranch Hands In Of Mice And Men

    Ranch Hands are made to be tough. They don’t need anyone. They’re okay with living their lives traversing throughout the land. Does this mean they aren’t allowed to show emotions? In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck allows us to believe that this is what the characters think a working ranch hand should be. Candy, Slim, Crooks, Curley, Lennie and George all attempt to shy away from the topic of loneliness. Many of the characters throughout the book know that when they let others see into their…

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