Raman spectroscopy

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  • Water Hardness Essay

    Introduction The definition of water hardness, in its simplest form, can be explained as, “the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water.” Water hardness can be attributed to groundwater systems naturally flowing through soil and rock. While doing so, divalent amounts of cations from mineral sources dissolve into the water supply (USGS). Water hardness is not harmful to people’s health. In fact, these minerals can be beneficial, as humans need minerals to survive. However, water…

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  • Stereochemistry Synthesis

    Introduction Stereochemistry alludes to the science that reviews the properties of stereoisomers. It can likewise be characterized as the branch of chemistry concerned about the three-dimensional course of action of particles and atoms and the impact of this on concoction responses. A critical branch of stereochemistry is the investigation of chiral atoms. Stereochemistry is otherwise called 3D science in light of the fact that the prefix "stereo-" signifies "three-dimensionality". The primary…

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  • Anionic Dye Synthesis Lab Report

    Abstract In this paper CuO-NH-NH2 nanoparticle was synthesized and used to remove anionic dyes from single and binary systems. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDAX) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) were used to characterize the nanoparticle. Direct Red 80 (DR80) and Direct Green 6 (DG6) were used as anionic dyes. The effect of adsorbent dosage, dye concentration and pH on dye removal was evaluated. Kinetic…

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  • Benzenethiol Ligand Study

    In this study, the effect of benzenethiol ligand on CdSe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots was investigated. Conventional long-chain oleic acid (OA) and trioctylphosphine (TOP) capping ligands were partially replaced by short benzenethiol ligands, and the improvement in the luminescence performance was observed in quantum dot light emitting diodes (QD-LED). Approximately 1.8 fold improvement was achieved for both the maximum luminance and maximum current efficiency for the QD-LEDs fabricated with…

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  • Bovine Hydrochloric Acid Solution

    this experiment that was conducted in partners, the concentration of RNase H that was purified in the previous experiment #6 was determined and also the concentration of an unknown given solution using their absorbance values obtained from the spectroscopy apparatus. These concentrations were calculated using the equation of the line produce with the values of the concentration (x-axis) and corresponding absorbance (y-axis) of five protein bovine gamma globulin standard solutions. In order to…

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  • Why DO-DION NP Powders Are Chosen As Photocatalysts

    4. Why PdO/TiON NP powders are chosen as photocatalyst? There are many reasons why PdO/TiON NP powders are chosen as a photocatalyst for MTBE mineralization under visible light. These reasons are listed and discussed as follows: 1- The synergistic effect. 2- The ease of synthesis. 3- The memory effect. 4.1 The synergistic effect Nowadays, modified TiO2 by metal and nitrogen is considered as one of the most promising TiO2 based materials for photocatalytic applications, which is able to…

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  • Aldol Condensation Synthesis

    The purpose of this experiment was to use aldol condensation methods to synthesize colored cyclopentadienone and then UV/VIS spectrophotometry to characterize the dienone structure synthesized. The information gathered from the UV/VIS analysis was then compared to a computer model of the desired product to analyze the optimal 3D structure of the dienone. The base catalyzed condensation reaction was used to form the product for analysis, followed by vacuum filtration to recover the product. Both…

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  • Spectroscopy Essay

    Types of Spectroscopy used in Organic Chemistry 1.1 Introduction Spectroscopy is the study of the interaction between matter and light (electromagnetic radiation) (Crouch & Skoog, 2007). It is often phrased as the light of knowledge (Reusch, 2013). In the past, spectroscopy started by the study of visible light dispersed according to its wavelength by a prism (Anon., n.d.). Now, with the knowledge of light having both wave-like and particle-like characteristics, with given frequency or…

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  • Hooge Essay

    Hooge’s relationship is an empirical relationship based on a large collection of data obtained for flicker noise in semiconductors and metal films. According to this model, the PSD of flicker noise is given by, S(f) = γHV 2 Ncf α Where Nc = ncΩ is the number of free charge carriers in the specimen,nc is the charge carrier density and Ω is the volume of specimen.γH is the Hooges constant, a parameter which characterizes the noise levels of a particular system. The initial value of gamma is…

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  • Limonene Research Paper

    Introduction: Limonene is a terpene that can be isolated from orange peels almost 100% in the (R)-(+)-limonene form. The essential oil from the orange peel belongs to terpenes, which are compounds that are made up of two or more five carbon units, named isoprene.1 The limonene is a monoterpene, which means it is made up of two isoprene units. Natural products are related compounds formally derived from isoprene units are terpenoids.3 The skeleton of terpenoids may differ from strict additivity…

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