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  • Personal Narrative: A Negative Feelings On The Marine Corps

    A Negative Feeling on the Marine Corps Throughout history, the military has been a subject of extreme speculation. Because of the inability to know exactly what is going on in a combat conflict, many are left with opinions and ideas about what may be going on. I grew up in a very patriotic family, who always showed respect and gratitude to the military. In result I wanted to join the force and earn that respect for myself. After joining the corps I quickly learned that what my parents had felt,…

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  • Military Stereotypes

    Old black and white photographs from the military are always fascinating, they have a funny way to make you imagine yourself in that particular time and place. They can also make you lose yourself for a few seconds when you look at them. One particular thing to notice in the photographs is that all of the serviceman looked very fit and none of them overweight. The majority of serviceman in old photographs actually looked very skinny. Photographs in current times look very different, not every…

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  • Harm's Way Analysis

    In Harm’s Way, by Doug Stanton is among the top of my list for truly gripping survival stories. Tasked with a secret mission by the U.S. government; the Indianapolis was moored in the San Francisco Bay - undergoing repair work from her last scuff with the well-disciplined and ruthless Japanese Empire. Caught off guard and seeming almost corralled into the mission, Captain James Butler McVay, a competent and respected man, was ordered to sail components of the world's first operational atomic…

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  • Marine Expeditionary Force 21

    Expeditionary Force 21 is a new strategy that spells out how the Marine Corps will be used to support the evolving requirements of the Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCCs). There are threats popping up all over the world and the requirements of the GCCs are increasing to be able to eliminate and suppress these threats. The Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs) are the forward deployed units that are at the ready and able to help fulfill the requirements the GCCs request within their Area of…

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  • How Did John P Holland Influence The Military

    Military leaders do not necessarily have to come from combat or even been in the military. They just needed to have made a change in the way that warfare is done and made a difference to the men, and later women, in the military. One such man was John P. Holland. He is widely considered the Father of the Modern Submarine and I consider him influential because he made a major impact on the way that battles at sea are fought. Holland was born in Ireland where he grew up and worked as a teacher,…

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  • Non Commissioned Officer Essay

    Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the Marine Corps. They are the vital link in ensuring Marines under their charge are trained, and exceed proficiency in the occupational specialty. Marine non-commissioned officers provide and assist their Marines in professional development, they enforce the physical and mental standards in junior Marines through small unit leadership. Non-Commissioned Officers are responsible for their men and their actions, and the Marine non-commissioned officer…

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  • Analytical Essay: What Was The War Of 1812?

    1807, the British made it to be were neutral countries had to get a license from the leaders of the Orders of Council before they could trade with France or any French colonies. Also, the British Royal Navy had also been capturing American merchant ships and forcing the seamen to work as part of the Royal Navy, which really aggravated Americans.…

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  • American Imperialism In The Revolutionary War

    The American colonist rebelled against the British to gain identity as a republican society. Among the colonies raised an issue on who will rule the home font. During the revolutionary war, there was a rebellion against the trade restriction that Britain was imposing on America. Therefore Americans were influenced on Patrick Henry by wanting freedom from the king that was Patrick Henry’s purpose for his speech. The British colonist decided to stay loyal to the king because they thought there…

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  • Oliver Hazard Perry: A Good Leader

    In my opinion Oliver Hazard Perry was a good leader. In my opinion, Perry was a good leader because he was smart, paid close attention, and knew what to do. Also he wasn’t dumb, he knew what he had to do and did it with no questions asked.(At least that’s all I know) Perry was a good leader because not only was he an American naval commander, but he destroyed the British at the Battle of Lake Erie. During the war against Britain, Perry supervised the building of a fleet at Erie, Pennsylvania. He…

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  • Sleepwalking Scene In Macbeth Essay

    hope the Macbeth’s have. Possibly the most influential scene in the play is Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking scene. During this scene, the doctor is first introduced. He is awakened by the situation in which the royal family finds themselves. He is completely bewildered by the state of the Royal Queen as she unleashes all the families vile, corrupt, and dishonorable secrets. Left…

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