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  • How Did The War Of 1812 Affect America's Identity

    The commodore of Leopard, Salusbury Pryce Humphreys, along with his ship, Leopard, pursued the American ship, Chesapeake, all the way to off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. The purpose of this chase was to pursue deserters from the British Royal Navy whom were believed to have escaped to the ship, Chesapeake. When Leopard encountered Chesapeake, Humphreys ordered commodore James Barron of Chesapeake to stand down and to allow his ship to be searched. Barron refused, so Humphreys replied by…

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  • Technology In The Military Research Paper

    It could be argued that technological progression drives development of new doctrine and practices for amphibious operations. The complexity and demand for the integration and co-operation of military personnel, logistics and fire support encourages implementing new concepts for amphibious operations. Further to this, the technology available will directly impact how any amphibious operations would be undertaken and drive the change in the doctrine and the forces that deploy. States spend money…

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  • Similarities Between Metcalfe And Stockdale Leadership

    Principles of Leadership: Similarities between Stockdale and Metcalfe Admiral James Stockdale is a medal of honor recipient for his actions while a prisoner of war. Stockdale was the highest-ranking officer in his prisoner of war camp. By actively working against his captors and motivating his fellow prisoners of war to do the same, Stockdale exemplified behaviors of leadership. Stockdale’s leadership encouraged his fellow prisoners of war to maintain their integrity. Likewise, I have seen a…

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  • Toughest Moments In Life To Become A Marine

    July 11, 2011. I departed for United States Marine Corps boot camp at Marine Corps Depot San Diego, California. The events I went through are the toughest moments I have ever encountered in my twenty-one years. Discipline; this word eluded me throughout the beginning stages of my life until that first day I stepped onto those yellow footprints. Yelling, organization and speed were constantly the instructor’s purpose. We would walk in a formation with 92 other recruits, while in sync and conduct…

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  • Prologue To The Death Of Admiral Hawthorne

    use of his arm,” Admiral ‘Round’ said, or so I referred to him. His girth surpassed his height so much so that he found need to stretch his arms and roll forward to reach the desk in front of him. “Therefore, you will be removed from service in the Royal Navy and no longer receive benefits associated with a member there of.” There were a number of gasps of surprise and several cheers at the reading of the verdict. The court room, normally minimally occupied for such a proceeding was filled to…

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  • Resilient Qualities

    To describe a human being, you would have to pick many qualities in order to truly paint a solid picture of a person. You can describe them and the subject might say “yes that sounds like me” but the reality is that we probably missed something. This is a really tough situation to be in and you could either insult someone because you missed something about them or they could think you do not really know them. Now imagine having to do it on yourself. You will read about how I am a mentor, how…

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  • Marines Research Papers

    The concept of amphibious warfare seemed impractical and generally absurd to naval powers, which led to the ideas being ignored for an extended period of time. The main deterrent from utilizing amphibious forces was Great Britain’s attempted landing at Gallipoli in 1915, which ended in a horrible failure due to poor planning and execution. However, the idea of using Marines to fulfill an amphibious role for the United States gained traction and set the tone for many beach landings that would…

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  • Role Of Humanism In Macbeth

     William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is best known for his tragedies. 1601-1608 is the third period that belong to Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies and somber or bitter comedies. This is the peak period characterized by the highest development of his thought and expression. He is more concerned with the darker side of the human experience and its destructive passions. This period produces many great tragedies like Hamlet, Othello, All’s well that Ends well, and the most famous is Macbeth.…

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  • The Pharaoh Who Conquered The Sea Analysis

    Critical Commentary of ¨The Pharaoh Who Conquered the Sea¨ The documentary ¨The Pharaoh Who Conquered the Sea¨, is an academic investigation into the feasibility of a sea voyage into the Land of Punt at the time the events are described and also the possibility of being able to construct ships able to bear the attrition caused by the climate and currents of the Red Sea. Hatshepsut, known as the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, is considered to have had one of the most…

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  • Dear Future Research Paper

    "Dear Past, Thanks for all the lessons......Dear Future, I 'm ready......" Future, a time or period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come. In the world every individual is guaranteed a ticket to their own future no matter what that may be. Some people prefer to wait last minute to decide what they are going to make with their lives, you know the "just go with the flow" method. Meanwhile, for some including myself, I began thinking about what I…

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