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  • The Importance Of Silence In Ghosh's 'Hungry Tide'

    Silence is an important aspect of the Hindu tradition. Silence is a preparation, a way of knowing oneself, and also of knowing the world, as is revealed in the tapashyaa(s) (meditation) of the muni(s) (sages). In fact, the word ‘muni’ has its origin in the Sanskrit word ‘mauna’, meaning silence, the maintenance of which is believed to inculcate power and knowledge, as opposed to speech that saps all energy. Silence, as a spiritual entity, is common both in the Buddhist philosophy and in the…

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  • Swot Analysis Lululemon

    Executive Summary: Lululemon is a clothing company that offers yoga clothing while promoting a be healthy brand. Lululemon is becoming a very popular and has locations throughout the world. They have made being a customer for them an experience through their sponsored events. The increase of interest in yoga plays a big role as “the largely female population of yogis has increased by 50 percent to more than 36 million” (329). Lululemon became immediately popular and they ranged in colors, cuts,…

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  • Health Benefits Of Yoga

    Yoga is one of the most popular health practices around the globe today. It is no longer a mere form of exercise but is seen as a way of life. The word 'yoga' comes from the Sanskrit term Yuj' which means to join or to bind. It's most simple meaning is union with the Higher Self or with nature or even with oneself. The yoga sutras spoke about innumerable benefits of practicing yoga every day. But what exactly is this practice made of? What are the components of Yoga? To put it simply, yoga…

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  • Benefits Of Reiki Therapy

    MASTER THE ART OF REIKI THE EASY WAY, AND LEARN TO USE ENERGY TO HEAL ANYONE, ANYWHERE - GUARANTEED Those Who Say That Mastering Reiki Takes Years To Achieve, Its Time You Prove Them Wrong, Not By Arguments But By Actual Proof Of Benefits Of Reiki Therapy! If you fascinated by ancient Japanese holistic healing programs and arts of healing and medicine, you already know about Reiki. It is an old Japanese art of healing that uses chi – the natural universal energy. By using your hands to harness…

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  • Why People Are Attracted To Yoga

    to the practice of yoga, considering there are several benefits. These benefits include increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved energy, balance and calming of the mind. Each person joins the practice having diverse reasons from one another. On average, I would enter yoga class stressed out with a cluttered mind, but I know as soon as I walk in through the studio doors I am able to leave my stress and worries behind, even if it is just for an hour. Yoga is not only my…

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  • Ethical Issues In The Bhagavad Gita

    The problem that I have chosen to tackle is the fraudulent manipulation of religion and religious values among the illiterate population in India by self acclaimed “god men (and women)” and other “godly” people. These words usually represent people who either have godly powers or can talk to God. They are often referred to as ‘baba’, ‘maharaj’, ‘pandit’, etc. I have chosen Krishna and Dante to deal with this problem. Since the majority of the population in India follows the religion that is…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Mindfulness Meditation On Working Memory

    The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on the Working Memory in College Students Previous research studies have exhibited evidence towards the relationship between meditation and improved academic scores (Foris, 2005). With meditation becoming a widely popular topic, especially for its benefits in the reduction of stress and anxiety, it is questioned whether the use of proper mindfulness meditation has positive effects on the working memory and if so, do those effects differentiate between males…

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  • Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga

    the end of yoga classes all over the country. This word is translated to mean “I bow to the God within you.” However, during yoga classes, God is barely spoken of because yoga isn’t religious (Lawson 2). Right? The yoga we have become so familiar with in America only represents a small portion of what yoga truly is. Here in America we view yoga as a fun way to exercise and an excuse to buy “cute” new workout clothes. Yoga is supposed develop not only your body, like Americanized yoga depicts,…

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  • Chronic Pain Exercise Essay

    only to hear that you will need costly surgeries, or worse, they recommend you give up what you love! Fortunately, there are a number of natural exercises and remedies that can alleviate your pain while helping to prevent further injuries. Yoga Including yoga in your daily practice will increase your mobility and flexibility. This exercise helps alleviate stiffness and pain in the joints, which…

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  • Spiritual Healing Benefits

    The practice of yoga and meditation are proven to be a powerful source for many people around the world and can be practiced if you’re a beginner or in advanced yoga. Practicing yoga has many benefits that can change an individual’s life mentally and physically. Spiritual healing is one the benefits that has helped individuals live happier and healthier lives when they experience spiritual healing throughout time. Spiritual healing is defined by Merriam Webster of or relating to a person’s…

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