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  • Narrative Essay: The First Time I Got Bullied '

    The next morning I was thinking that today was going to be a perfect day until the bully walks up to me and put his fist up and Bam he punches me in my face I was mad so I punched him that’s when the kids was like fight fight fight. All of the sudden the vice principal walks to us and grabs us and put us in her office we stayed in there for almost 2 hours the vice principal…

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  • American Flag Vs Bald Eagle Persuasive Speech

    freedom for ours. America is a patriotic and discimiatory country, full of people who devote and support their country one hundred percent. As Americans, we take pride in the country we live in, with people wanting to live here too. We as humans are raised with full freedom, and with constitutional rights that allow us to speak and voice our own opinions, as long as we live just like in this case Colin Kaerpernick. As Americans, many of us choose to speak up for what we…

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  • Comparison Of Hercules And Cerberus

    Hercules using what seems to be a club to bludgeon the Cerberus. According to Gantz, “ a three-headed Kerberos showing lots of teeth and snarling in all directions occupies almost all the field; only around the edges do we see Herakles’ hands holding a raised club and taut leash” (414) Like in the previous interpretation there are some small differences like Hercules holding a leash around the Cerberus(Kerberus). However most of it is the same, for an example Hercules holding a club and the…

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  • The Failure Of Political Protest And Violence At The Olympics

    “Smith and Carlos were largely ostracized by the U.S. sporting establishment and they were subject to criticism... Back home, they were subject to abuse and they and their families received death threats” (Tommie Smith Bio). The simple raising of a fist on an Olympic podium lead to threats on the men’s lives and their families as well. This simple fact shows the power and danger political protest has on an Olympic stage. Imagine what would have happened if Smith had done something more drastic,…

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  • Night Light Analysis

    Shanghai’d “The gift for Dwight that might be right is a bright Dwight Bird-flight Night Sight Light.” Tears streamed down my face and snot dripped out of my nose in typical eight year old fashion. I assumed Dr. Seuss put this line in his book specifically to torture kids who couldn’t read very well. Each time I read the line, a mangled chain of words that were close, but not entirely correct, came from my mouth. Each time I tripped over my words, a silence fell - quickly broken by the…

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  • Neil Gaiman Character Analysis

    relate to. Most monsters have characteristics that are scary and frightening. Gaiman displayed the monsters as helpful and brave. This is where Gaiman differs in his depiction of monsters. Bod, short for “Nobody”, is a character in the story. He is raised by ghosts because his family was murdered. The definition of a monster is a creature…

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  • Negative Effects Of Perry

    A harsh, abusive home environment in which a child grows up in could result in them becoming killers like Perry. Perry was raised by his abusive father and did not have a loving family to provide a happy, stable childhood. His parents’ frequent absence, lack of care, and abuse drove him to murder. When Perry was child he “often thought of killing himself” but he didn’t feel this way because he was depressed. Rather he wanted to “punish his father and mother and other enemies” (202). Perry had an…

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  • National Anthem Protests

    National Anthem Protests As you go to sporting events, you hear the National Anthem being played before the athletes start their sporting event. The reason for this is to honor those who served and protect our country and for those who are still doing so. Recently, many NFL (National Football League) players have oppose to stand for the National Anthem. In 2016 Colin Kaepernick, who played football for the San Francisco 49er’s, started a protest trend to kneel for the National Anthem.…

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  • Hercules And Hydra Sculpture Analysis

    At first glance, the Hercules and the Hydra sculpture is easy to pass by. Located in the outside sculpture garden it stands on a slightly elevated bronze platform, which stands on a bigger, more elevated concrete pedestal that also rests on a larger concrete pedestal that has four embedded lights, each on one corner. The viewing area is large and allows for the audience to view the sculpture up close and far, while still being able circumambulate around the statue at a variety of distances.…

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  • Research Paper About Kenomena

    Chapter 4 (That Kung Fu Girl Is So Unbearable) Recently, there have been a lot of shows on National TV with Wushu artists who do fake kung fu. This has caused many of people to lose interest in martial arts. But actually, real experts often hide among the community, where they grew up training in martial arts for many years, even decades, to sharpen their skills. Although these types of people can't do what they do in the movies, like fly from rooftop to rooftop, they can actually individually…

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