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  • Short Story: An Unfamiliar Diagnosis

    An Unfamiliar Diagnosis Tears streamed from the patient 's cheek and he begged the doctor, he said “Let me go back to my country, let me help my town!” The doctor assured the man that he was in his native country, and that he surely was in his home town. He said “Why John, you’ve lived in ol’ Washington, Valcry your whole life.” John glared at the doctor and while wiping the tears away from his glazed eyes shouted, “Why you! You take me away from my home town and they tell me you know how to…

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  • Catalan Communism Essay

    The Catalan independence movement is a political movement that emerged from Catalan nationalism that is mainly dedicated to the support of the independence of Catalonia from Spain and France. This feeling is brought by the dictatorial times of Franco who attempted to suppress the Catalan identity. To give a more geographical sense of Catalonia, it is a roughly triangular region in Spain's far northeast corner, which is separated by the Pyrenean mountains from southern France to which they share…

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  • Shakespeare In China

    When a Westerner studies Chinese history or a Chinese language, an understanding of culture is essential to every lesson as Chinese culture differs significantly from any Western culture. Therefore, it must be studied more, in order to gain mastery in social situations and to fully understand China. In my studies, one of the more noteworthy things I have come across in Chinese culture is how inextricable the concept of face is from nearly every quirk and nuance of Chinese culture. Face is the…

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  • Vicksburg: If Grant Won The Civil War

    the banks of the Mississippi river, which gave Union forces complete control of the Mississippi river, the Confederacy would have been able to use the Mississippi river to transport supplies, would not have split the South into two and stopped Southerners from getting much needed supplies coming in from the west. “A Yankee captain wrote home to his wife “The backbone of the Rebellion is this day broken. The Confederacy is divided…Vicksburg is ours. The Mississippi River is opened, and Gen. Grant…

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  • A River Runs Through It Analysis

    Robert Redford’s 1992 film adaptation of Norman Maclean’s real life story, A River Runs Through It, tells the tale of the two sons of a Missouri Presbyterian minister. The film is a coming-of-age story that follows the narrator, Norman, and his rebellious younger brother, Paul, as they grow into men. As the film progresses it highlights the differences between the boys despite their shared upbringing. The first major difference the movie highlighted was in the professions/ chosen…

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  • Huck And Jim's Relationship Analysis

    In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain it talks about the adventures of a young boy named Huck and his perspective on life around him. This book takes place in Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas near the Mississippi River around the 1830s-40s. Slavery is legal during this time. In this book Huck meets a slave named Jim. Huck and Jim’s relationship develop throughout the book and it can be viewed in different ways. Huck views Jim as a friend, father-figure, and a slave based on the time…

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  • The Man In The High Castle Summary

    Research Question: How does the author of ‘’The Man in The High Castle’’ by Philip K. Dick explore the theme of racial prejudice and how people of different races perceive each other? Introduction: Literature is one way to emphasize or show some facts about the past and future. In ‘’the Man in the High Castle’’, Author, Philip K. Dick, examined a glimpse of a possible future in a very detailed way. The author was able to illustrate…

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  • Walt Whitman's O Captain ! My Captain

    The theme of "O Captain! My Captain!" is that sacrifices have to be made in order to be successful and gain greatness. Elegy: somber toned poem, lament for the dead This poem is an Elegy in honor of Abraham Lincoln. Walt Whitman wrote this poem a little after Lincoln's assassination. This poem is a big metaphor because it is about a captain -Abraham Lincoln- and his crew -Lincoln's followers- obtaining their sought out prize-winning the civil war- but after getting what they want the captain…

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  • Jim And Pap's Relationship Analysis

    lost him (Twain 65). In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, a boy nicknamed Huck escapes his old life to begin a journey down the Mississippi River. Throughout the novel, two major male characters are present in Huck’s life and have different effects on him. Jim, a runaway slave, accompanies Huck on his journey on the Mississippi River while Pap, Huck’s unworthy father stays behind. Each relationship develops in similar yet different means. Twain juxtaposes Jim and Pap, and their…

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  • Westward Expansion Dbq Analysis

    Western Expansion DBQ After the United States doubled its territory due to the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, American citizens were encouraged to go westward by the government. To urge its citizens to go westward, the United States’ government even promised to give out land for free. Hearing the news that land were to be given for free in the West, thousands of people hopped onto their wagons and started to go westward hoping to seek opportunities to change their lives. However, these people had…

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