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  • Oscar Wao Summary

    If you even thought a bad thing about Trujillo, fuá, a boulder would fall out of a clear sky…”(3.) One can consider that these expressions of this phenomenon of fukú is really just a self-imposed expression of excessive masculinity and control. While we are given examples by Yunior of the what…

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  • Fuku Character Analysis

    Oscar Wao Paper 1 Fuku a curse of doom. Fuku was brought to Santo Domingo by the dictator, Rafael Trujillo or that is how the Dominican people would testify. Oscar Wao’s family was cursed by Fuku as shown in the novel. “If you even thought a bad thing about Trujillo,fua, a hurricane would sweep your family out to sea,fua,....” p.3 This is how fuku is presented in the novel and how it was known in Santo Domingo. My family was presented with a term similar to fuku. This term is known as…

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  • Totalitarian Government

    time passed many new leaders were introduced, that believed in different ways of running a government. Some were seen as extremists, while others were seen as fair. Totalitarian leaders were extremist. Leaders like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Rafael Trujillo, Benito Mussolini resorted to violent and extreme actions to run their government. Totalitarianism makes one of the most radical regimes because the government controls virtually all the elements of a society, this is achieved through…

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  • The Revolutionary Ideas In Julia Alvarez's In The Time Of The Butterflies

    In the twentieth century Dominican Republic, soldier Rafael Trujillo rose through the military ranks, eventually becoming leader of his country. From there, he imposed a brutal regime, limiting human rights and freedoms. While citizens publically expressed approval of their government in order to avoid arrest, many belonged to underground groups that supported a revolution. Three of the most prominent members of this group were the Mirabal sisters: Patria, Minerva, and Maria Teresa. Minerva…

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  • Resistance Against El Jefe

    These two extremely brave sisters have been through alot together when it comes to the resistance against El Jefe or better known as Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. Jefe has had a big handful with these to cutting edge smart girls. From sneaking notes into meetings with officials from other states to leading shipments of guns and explosives to other resistance members houses. Even though Jefe won the battle against the girls their stories will forever live on in the mind of the Dominican people. Why…

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  • Jacques Roumain Analysis

    beurgois marines. Jocques Roumain through his novel "Preface to the life of a bureaucrat"wanted to strike against the wrong beaugois mentalities that destroy the freedom and dignity of a beautiful and strong country. For instance, in 1937, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo, who was president of the Dominican Republic ordered the assassination of Haitians in the Dominican Republic. The article Haiti History 101, by the Decades, The 1930s, states that "Trujillo's intention was to clean his country…

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  • Dominican Vs Haiti

    The Dominican Republic and Haiti share the Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean, jointly occupying a space of less than 30,000 square miles. Despite their close proximity, the differences between the two are abundant: whereas Haitians take strong pride in their African roots and speak Creole, Dominicans pay homage to Spain as their motherland, and speak Spanish. The list of differences between the peoples of the two peoples is large, yet the roots of these cultural dissimilarities lie in…

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  • Trujillo Independence Analysis

    Independence The Dominican Rebublic The tyrant Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina ousted the chose president of the Dominican Republic in 1930 and remained in power for the next thirty-one years. Trujillo could profit by a tide of hostile to American assessment, the result of the way that the U.S. Marines had possessed that nation in 1916 and, after their withdrawal in 1924, the U.S. powers held control of the Customs Department Until his destruction in 1961 Trujillo would advance the Dominican…

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  • Dominican Republic Human Geography

    Human Geography final paper 184 base words 1. Find three specific human geography factors that you think are most important in accounting for the difference in the human condition between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and that are related to our course content. Clearly identify them in your opening paragraph, and also explain why each one is considered to be a human geography factor A: The Country of Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola, divided down…

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  • Fidel Castro's History Will Absolve Me

    torture and heartache on their respective nations, trade off for the ultimate power and control All the dictators have strong hold until their death, Fidel Castro joins the ranks of the 20th century dictators Joseph Stalin, Francisco Franco, Rafael Trujillo, Adolf Hitler, Augusto Pinochet, Hugo Chavez.…

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