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  • Symbolism In Two Kinds By Amy Tan And Julia Alvarez

    In literature, a literary device known as symbolism is used to convey an idea about a subject, person, or place. In the works of Amy Tan and Julia Alvarez, symbolism is influential throughout their stories. The story of ¡Yo! is a great example of how well Alvarez converts the symbol of a haunting folklore to a real-life terror. Although the story of ¡Yo! takes place in the United States, it tells the story of a family that escapes from The Dominican Republic during the time of a terrifying wave…

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  • Fidel Castro: A Disobedient Kid

    Fidel Castro really started to enjoy social justice in 1947. In that same year he went to the Dominican Republic and along with a group of people he tried to overthrow Rafael Trujillo from his dictatorship (Biography.com Editors 5). After Fidel’s failed attempt to kick Rafael Trujillo off his dictatorship, Fidel joined the Partido Ortodoxo group at the university in Havana (Biography.com Editors 6). The Partido Ortodoxo was an anticommunist political party. The party wanted…

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  • Summary: The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao

    written to destroy the horrible luck and the perpetuated tragedy that had sustained itself through the history of the de León family and pretty much the Dominican Republic as a whole. It was written in hope of setting the Dominican people free of Trujillo and fukú, but was it successful? Like Diaz, the author, had written before: “The only answer I can give you is the least satisfying: you'll have to decide for yourself.”(243) But whether you believe or not, fukú will always believe in…

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  • Parley Massacre River Chapter Summary

    1937. The president Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ordered the decapitation of millions of Haitians and Dominican Haitian decedents who could not pronounce the word perejil (parsley) correctly. It earned the name the Parsley Massacre because Dominican soldiers carried a sprig of parsley and used it to…

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  • Authoritarian Propaganda

    unjust treatment lasted from 1933 to 1945. Twelve years of suffering of millions of individuals due to the choice to pursue authoritarianism. 4,812 miles away, Rafael Trujillo, another dictator, reigned over the Dominican Republic. The country was poor and needed something or someone to take them out of their economic slump. This allowed Trujillo to develop the roots of his reign in the hearts of the people by expanding the economy, funding public works, and encouraging the revival of culture.…

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  • Dominican Republic Influence

    between 1861 and 1865. Over time the country gradually became incorporated into the US sphere of influence who occupied the country from 1916 to 1924. From 1930 to 1961 the Dominican Republic was under the rule of the brutal, US-backed dictator Rafael Trujillo, who was assassinated in 1961, prompted a period of instability in which in 1963 the popularly elected leftist President Juan Bosch was overthrown in a military coup and in 1965 US Marines deployed to prevent his return.…

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  • Essay On Dominican Revolution

    In history, there have been many people trying to change the world. There are others who revolt to change an event that happened in their own life. In my opinion, a revolution is just doing something to make a change. For example, there is the French Revolution or the guy that left his house because his parents were too strict. These two things relate. How? Well, in both situations, someone started a revolution by going against someone else. However, it doesn’t only have to be someone; it…

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  • Julia Alvarez

    Name of Salome” which is about a (Jones) Julia Alvarez’s second and most important novel is, “In The Times of Butterflies” is about the lives and ending of three sisters. They were assassinated during the last few reigning days of the dictator Rafael Trujillo, after visiting their husbands in jail. Soon after their deaths, they were known as the “mariposas” or as the butterflies. The fourth sister was the only one to live and tell the story. (Bethal) There was also a film that was produced in…

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  • Oscar Wao Summary

    If you even thought a bad thing about Trujillo, fuá, a boulder would fall out of a clear sky…”(3.) One can consider that these expressions of this phenomenon of fukú is really just a self-imposed expression of excessive masculinity and control. While we are given examples by Yunior of the what…

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  • Fuku Character Analysis

    Oscar Wao Paper 1 Fuku a curse of doom. Fuku was brought to Santo Domingo by the dictator, Rafael Trujillo or that is how the Dominican people would testify. Oscar Wao’s family was cursed by Fuku as shown in the novel. “If you even thought a bad thing about Trujillo,fua, a hurricane would sweep your family out to sea,fua,....” p.3 This is how fuku is presented in the novel and how it was known in Santo Domingo. My family was presented with a term similar to fuku. This term is known as…

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