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  • European Colonialism

    Europe began the initial framing of society. In the early 1900’s, Europe (England&France) colonized and occupied all of the Caribbean islands. Europe looked at the islands as basically money for them; they yielded things that Europeans use in their daily lives and can also make profit of off. In addition to colonizing Caribbean islands, they occupied a few African countries and India. European colonial powers literally used these countries as factories for their own personal benefits. They…

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  • Similarities Between Macbeth And Fidel Castro

    William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, exudes multiple lessons and represents many leaders in today’s society. His play shows the result of what happens when an overly ambitious leader gets stuck in way too deep. In many ways Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, resembles Shakespearean character, Macbeth. Fidel is widely known for bringing a communist government to Cuba, his use of guerilla warfare tactics, and the Bay of Pigs invasion. His way of running Cuba shaped the country into the power force it…

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  • Exceptional Young Women Monologue

    • LIZ: Three hundred and thirteen • JOE (in Portuguese): A Dominican dictator was assassinated in 1961. What was his name? • GIRLS: Rafael Trujillo • JOE: Close your eyes. The girls close their eyes. • JOE: What color are my shoes? The girls remain silent. • JOE: Am I right-handed or left-handed? Since I walked into this room I have left fingerprints in five different places. Name them…

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  • Ted Cruz And Hillary Clinton: A Case Study

    Within the next fourteen months, the United States of America will elect a new president. There will be many candidates to choose from; narrowing the choices will help gather more accurate information. Once the candidates announce that they will be running, the madness begins. They begin trying to defeat each other by talking badly about their fellow candidates, even in the same party, just to make themselves better known. Although all the candidates have the same goal, to help make America…

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  • Fidel Castro Research Paper

    While Castro was attending school, he became immersed in revolutionary politics and in 1947 he participated in his first abortive attempt. This was an attempt by Dominican exiles and Cubans to overthrow Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. Castro used this and continued to pursue his interest in politics. With time, Castro rose to importance among the public and openly spoke out and protested on the government’s transgressions. During the end of the 1940’s Castro was introduced…

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  • Esspaillat Analysis

    A mother, that glorious creature, that carries in her womb, unconditional love. Nature grants her the ability to embrace with her heartbeat, the life that nurtures off her. Undoubtedly, the mother-child relationship is indispensable for the child prosperity; nonetheless, the father-child relationship is as important. He symbolizes that rational yet sensitive embrace that every daughter needs to evolve healthily. However, a father is human; a man that struggles and isn’t immune to an…

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