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  • Effects Of Multiculturalism In Ecuador

    social, political, or economic change for the indigenous population. One of the most vivid memories from my interviews was when the president of Ecurunari spoke to me about the 2008 constitution. Having been jailed four times for protesting against Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s current president, he claimed that after 2008 conditions became worse for the indigenous population, stating that after 2008, indigenous institutions were closed, indigenous leaders were persecuted, and intercultural bilingual…

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  • In The Time Of The Butterflies Essay Introduction

    The Girl Who Won For most kids, growing up is pretty tough. For Julia Alvarez, it was even harder. The twisted paths of adolescence became blurred and incredibly confusing to Alvarez after she was, along with her family, forced to leave her native Dominican Republic for the strange United States. This culture shock was difficult to digest at the beginning, but then Alvarez became fueled by the bullies who taunted her accent and the missing pieces that being a “Dominican hyphen American” left in…

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  • In The Time Of The Butterflies By Patria Teresa Analysis

    Transformation of Patria and Maria Teresa – Literary Analysis In The Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez takes the reader through the lives of the Mirabal sisters as they are living in the Dominican Republic under the rule of Trujillo and leads up to the death of the three sisters, which, was ordered by Trujillo on November 25, 1960 (“In the Time of the Butterflies”). Trujillo was a dictator who controlled his country in every aspect and exterminated those who opposed him including three of…

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  • Garcia Lost Their Accents By Julia Alvarez

    Julia Alvarez is the author of the novel How the Garcia Lost Their Accents. It illustrates a family life adapting to a new culture. Carlos is the overprotective father. He also resisted to the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic because of it the family decided to flee to the United States. Laura is the mother of four girls, when she came to the United States did not feel that she belongs here because in The Dominican Republic she was wealthy, privileged and influential family. Carla was the…

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  • Dominican Republic Democratization

    Old regimes in Dominican Republic hindered the democratization process because of the authoritarian regime it had. During Rafael Leónidas Trujillo thirty-one-year dictatorship he used the military to fight president Horacio Vásquez. He used his military influence to his advantage by having the army as his tool; this type of military usage hindered the democratic process. The…

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  • Brief Summary Of Julia Alvarez's In The Time Of The Butterflies

    The book, In the Time of the Butterflies, opens in the Dominican Republic with Dede Mirabal preparing for an interview. The four Mirabal sisters each write from their perspective about living in a time with the dictator Trujillo. The story follows the start of a rebellion that the sisters become the leaders of. Three of the sisters, Maria Teresa, Minerva, and Patria, join the rebellion along with their husbands. Dede is the only one who does not join the rebellion, partly because her husband…

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  • Dominican Republic Argumentative Essay

    Isn’t it crazy that we automatically blame others for our problems? The Dominican Republic is blaming Haitians for their problems. They are blaming them for job loss and food loss. It seems like history is repeating itself. In 1937, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo did an ethnic cleansing and kicked out all the Haitians and dark-skinned Dominicans who did not know how to say the word “perejil.” Once again the Dominican Republic is hiding the cruel reality of a racist act by using excuses. Haitians…

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  • The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao Summary

    Richard Shang Mrs. McQuay English 11 May 15 2017 Marginalization in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Time and time again people see how marginalization of a group can create psychological and emotional problems such as anxiety, fear, and depression. In The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz explores these specific issues through the brief life of Oscar de Leon and his family. The repeated marginalization of Oscar and his his family causes him to express self-doubt and depression,…

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  • A Summary Of In The Time Of The Butterflies

    The story, In the Time of the Butterflies, commenced in 1994, with Dede, the only surviving Mirabal sister, being interviewed in 1994. She was explaining to the interviewer and to the readers about her other three sisters’ unfortunate death. This unfolds a series of flashbacks that are explained throughout the book. In the derivation, the reader encounters the Butterflies, the nicknames given to the revolutionist Mirabal sisters, Minevra, Patria, and Maria Teresa (better known as Mate.) Their…

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  • Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: Causes And Control Of The Dominican Republic

    In 1930, Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina gained control of the Dominican Republic through questionable means, becoming head of police and then president, his regime was well recognized for its oppressive tactics and effective means of keeping the population controlled, by the time he was deposed and assassinated in 1961, he had been responsible for the deaths of as many as 50,000 Dominicans (U.S DoS), meaning that 1 in 66 was executed. As his time as president continued, more opposition grew,…

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