Public–private partnership

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  • Advantages Of Public-Private Partnerships Projects

    Since this research paper is going to illustrate the different payment mechanisms in public-private partnerships projects, it is useful to start briefly with some definitions of P3 term. Indeed, P3 can be defined as a long-term contract to provide a public service or maintain a public facility, such as highways, hospitals, and bridges, between the private sector and the government entity . In this contract, the private sector will be taking the risk and the responsibility to maintain, operate, and manage the public facility at high-performance level. Another definition for P3 is that public-private partnerships project is a contractual agreement between the public agency, such as federal government and state government, and the private sector.…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Partnership Working

    Although the terms are rarely accurately defined and have become problematic to analyse, in most understandings, successful partnerships rely upon good systems of inter-professional collaboration. Some of the advantages of partnership working are; communicating effectively, respecting all partners involved equally, adhering to ground rules and sharing information in order to solve any issues, but staying within codes of conduct based on one’s profession. Every partner will be governed by their…

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  • Summary: Appropriate Business Structure

    capacity each of them ready to contribute to the business? Which business structure would give the minimum restrictions to their business? What are the gains and losses from choosing that structure? As their intention is to start small and considering the fact that each of them ready engage in business activities the appropriate business structure would be a General Partnership. S.5 Partnership Act 1958 (Vic) defines a partnership as a relationship between two or more people,…

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  • Finish Line Background

    660 stores. Now being a corporation, Finish Line’s roots began in 1976 among three friends who wanted to create a store that held the newest athletic footwear. According to, the three founders, David Klapper, Alan Cohen, and John Domont are all runners Line and brought the idea of athletic footwear to Indianapolis. With the idea already being in existence from another company, The Athlete’s Foot (TAF), the three bought the franchise rights for TAF and opened the store in…

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  • Mehta Case Study

    difference in international culture and national culture, the role of joint ventures in the process and the assessment of the market value when entered into a successful joint venture. The recommendations provided gives a guidance for the decision of the partners which helps in forming and managing of Joint Ventures without any problems in the future. As the global environment continues to evolve, the role of the companies who enter into joint venture also work hard to create value for their…

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  • Group Project Observation Report

    The International Museum is a private, non-profit museum that seeks to engage a diverse community through compelling and culturally significant exhibitions, which display international art, historical, and scientific objects. Through educational outreach efforts, special programming and conferences, we hope to immerse our audience in cultures around the globe, challenging preconceived notions and bringing cultural…

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  • Stakeholders About The Benefits Of Strong School-Family Partnerships

    When building strong school-family partnerships, I see the following steps as essential: 1.Inform and educate all stakeholders about the benefits that strong school-family partnerships have on student achievement. Before effective partnerships can be developed, it is important that families and schools truly understand the necessity of school-family engagement, and the effects it has on student success. When it comes to teachers, the research discussed by Ferlazzo (2011) has shown there is…

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  • Qualities Of A Co-Coordinator Essay

    Imagining, however, that this could happen, there are a few qualities that I think an ideal co-coordinator would possess. I would hope that my co-coordinator would be willing to accept my strengths and weaknesses. If one of us does not feel comfortable addressing a situation, having a partner that is willing to step up and take on that responsibility creates a comfortable partnership. Sometimes, one individual is better suited for a specific task than the other. From dealing with different…

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  • ITA Executive Summary

    allows private firms to partner with the International Trade Administration (ITA). Through ITA’s strategic partnerships, private firms work with ITA to develop an event, program, or resource, in support on increasing awareness of educational resources and export knowledge. This helps ITA educate the public on exporting, and helps private firms by educating their clients while increasing their brand presence. The Office of Strategic Partnerships is under the division of Industry and Analysis; of…

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  • Limited Partnerships

    When owners file taxes they can actually report their share of net business losses or profits. Limited partnerships allow liability to be limited for both parties, which is beneficial if there is a lawsuit. By having limited liability the limited partner is only liable for capital contributed to the business, and their personal assets cannot be seized by creditors for costs the company potentially still owes. Limited partners will also be able to share in profits and losses without having to…

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