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  • The Importance Of Multiplication Facts

    Understanding of multiplication facts is essential to have down by fourth grade. Knowing the times tables and being able to fluently recall immediately is needed throughout the entire year because of PA Mathematics Standards beginning with multiplication of multidigit numbers. There were students in my fourth grade classroom that had yet to be fluent with their multiplication facts, and it was necessary for them to have it down, for everyday mathematics and for the PSSA’s. I discussed with my…

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  • Task 2: Reflection On Backward Planning Process

    Task 2 – Reflection on backward planning The central focus of the Foundation Year Master Chef unit of work is for students to understand the concept of simple healthy food choices and preparation. In this unit of work, students are given the opportunity to explore properties of the physical and material world through cooking and accessing kitchen facilities. In addition, students are encouraged to contribute to the design process by participating in planning menus and simple meals. These big…

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  • Define Performance Assessment Essay

    Teachers will teach using the national curriculum that is developed based on a theme, topic or skills for subjects that students must master, after which they will assess the students’ learning development based on their own observations and evaluations with reference to the guide. Teacher can assess student based on quiz, oral exam, written exam, group presentation and…

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  • Cellulite Propaganda Case Study

    Cellulite Destroyer System By M. Fullerton - Real Review Hi ladies Today we will review the Cellulite Destroyer system by Mandy Fullerton. As always, we will start with some basic information about this program, explain how it works, and then discuss all about the pros and cons. Firstly, let’s understand what “Cellulite Destroyer” is all about… What Exactly Is The Cellulite Destroyer System? Created by Mandy Fullerton, a mom of four children and a former cellulite sufferer, “Cellulite…

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  • CALS Reflection: A Case Study

    informal feedback is appropriate for providing nurses with an assessment of their individual performance. Formative evaluations throughout the CALS lecture were provided mainly through feedback stemming from case study reviews. The CALS simulation class also included an assessment rubric used to guide observations and identify learning among participating nurses. Formative evaluations, according to Gaberson and Oermann (2010), “enable students to develop further their clinical knowledge,…

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  • The Importance Of Self Assessment In Education

    important it is for an evaluation to be grounded on evidence of a teacher’s quality in multiple areas of teaching. She point out that, “Without such grounding, (in evidence) impressions of teachers’ skills are based entirely on the observer 's’ own idiosyncratic views of teaching and their understandings of what has occurred and what those events mean” (Danielson, 2008). There are two types of evidence, observation and artifacts, are collected during the Frameworks for Teaching evaluation…

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  • Jungian Typology: My Personality Development

    Prior to starting this course, I had never given any thought to a personal development plan. It hasn’t taken long to realize that in order to build a successful and happy career; everyone needs to create a plan. In taking the assessments, I have learned many things about myself. According to the Jungian Typology, my personality trait is ESFJ. I knew before taking this assessment that I have a play by the rules personality type. I take my responsibilities seriously, and I do not like to bend the…

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  • Case Study Of Evaluating The Quality Of Early Child Care In Greek Settings

    Environmental Rating Scale-Revised (ECERS-R), and Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS) but Greece does not do these which is why these is uncertainty in quality of care children receive there. Also there was curiosity in the proper evaluations whether it be ACEI (GGA), or ECERS-R and ITERS…

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  • Standardized Assessments Advantages And Disadvantages

    Teachers, students, and school districts need to be held to a certain level of accountability. Teachers’ evaluations are based on students’ performance, which reflects on the teacher’s effectiveness. Assessments keep teachers on their toes and constantly evaluating and reflecting on their instruction. Students are taught study skills and held accountable for learning…

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  • Critical Thinking Gap Analysis

    MATERIALS AND PACING MATERIALS OVERVIEW The following materials are designed to assist both teachers and students with planning and/or executing all aspects of this Cornerstone. Visual images and links to video are provided as well as guidance for facilitating Close Viewing. Student annotation materials, student self-assessments & reflections as well as teacher rubrics are provided to aid in measuring student outcomes and progress in a variety of ways. Detailed instruction of daily lesson…

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