Psoriatic arthritis

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  • Microbiome Research Paper

    What is the relationship between oral and gut microbiome and arthritis disease? The term microbiome or microbiota is defined by Joshua Lederberg (scientist worked in genetic microbiome); these organisms are found in the skin or mucus membrane. They have the ability to extract the necessary energy to stay live. The host utilizes them for digestion, production of nutrients, removal of toxins, attacks on pathogens and to strengthen the immune system (Scher and Abramson, 2011). The Human…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

    Marijuana is a great plant, that can be utilized for many purposes. The most useful being a medicine. Marijuana has been legalized in may states for medical use as well as recreational use in some states. In a world of chronic disease and pain, a solution to these issues exists. Many of the prescription drugs out there right now are only temporary fixes that cause more problems in the long run. Medical marijuana has been proven to alleviate many problems that dangerous prescription drugs can…

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  • Monoclonal Antibodies Research Paper

    Arthritis is due to autoimmunity, chemotherapy drugs, also called ‘immunosuppressive drugs’, slow down the rapid reproduction of cells and lowers the amount of certain substances produced by those cells, helping people to feel relief from pain. The 3 most…

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