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  • Manager's Role Of A Foodservice Manager

    THE FOODSERVICE MANAGER Foodservice Managers are the overseers of foodservice establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and school cafeterias. They direct the daily operations of the establishment to which they’re employed and their authority extends from the kitchen to the dining room. Their duties include recruitment and hiring, training, motivating staff, supervising staff, managing inventory & procurement, ensuring the right equipment and supplies are available, arranging for the…

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  • Food Waste In Landfills

    The average household is not doing enough to reduce or reuse waste products. As a result, landfills are filling up with potential reusable waste. Due to lack of knowledge on how to compost food, food waste can make up nearly 20% of the municipal solid waste (MSW) at a landfill (Nadakavukaren, A., 2011). Greater community education and outreach is needed to help individuals, families and communities compost on a regular basis, and reduce the amount of food waste in our landfills. According to…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Water Essay

    Water is a transparent, odourless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen freezing at 30°F or 0°C and boiling at 212°F or 100°C, that in a more or less impure state constitutes rain, oceans, lakes, rivers etc; it contain 11188% of hydrogen and 88.812% of oxygen by weight. ( The Earth is surrounded by 70% of water, however, that 70% is composed of salt water and fresh water. The salt water is made up of 97% and fresh water is 3%. 2% of the fresh water is frozen up in…

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  • Nitrogen And Phosphorous Cycle Essay

    Outline I. Introduction II. Biogeochemical cycles 1. Water cycle 2. Carbon cycle 3. Nitrogen and Phosphorous cycles 4. Biodiversity III. Impacts of the Water bottle product on the life cycle of water, Carbon, Nitrogen/Phosphorus and biodiversity 1. Water cycle 2. Carbon cycle 3. Nitrogen/Phosphorous cycle 4. Biodiversity IV. Interventions on the environmental impacts 1. Benefits i. Water cycle ii. Carbon cycle iii. Nitrogen/phosphorous cycle iv. Biodiversity 2. Drawbacks i. Water cycle ii.…

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  • Animalia Research Paper

    In 1817 Georges Cuvier created four major branches with different body plans, namely vertebrates, molluscs, articulated animals, and zoophytes. In 1874, Ernst Haeckel divided the animal kingdom into the multicellular Metazoa and the single-celled Protozoa (no longer considered to be animals). Today the classification of animals relies on advanced techniques such as molecular phylogenetics, which continue to unveil the evolutionary relationships between animal groups. Humans make use of many…

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  • What Is Biotic And Abiotic Influence Plant Growth?

    Hiltner was the first person to use this term rhizosphere and expressed it as the distinct zone of soil where microbial population develops due to exudation of root (Hartmann et al. 2008). A large population of microorganisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae extensively interacts with roots of plant in the rhizosphere. The density of bacterial population is tremendous in the rhizosphere so it is speculated that bacteria…

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  • What Is Oyster Aquaculture?

    ntroduction The development of the oyster aquaculture become limited as there is a presence of the pathogenic associated microbe that can cause disease which lead to physiological and imbalance in that oyster. There is a few reports that describe the bacterial diversity which is poorly know and required to be further study.(Hernández and Olmos,2006). So, it is important to analyze the bacteria of oyster. This study is carry out to analyze the gram positive bacteria diversity present oyster,…

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  • Essay On Ice-Nucleation-Acid

    When we think about ice, snow or rain falling from the sky, we imagine some perfect beautiful crystals made of water molecules. Scientist had discovered that those crystals originate because some dust particle, helped with the wind, goes to clouds and then water surround it. Because high in the atmosphere the temperatures are so low, those water molecules freeze giving a structure called ice crystals. Now we know that precipitation from the sky are much more that simple dust and water. They…

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  • Ludwig Van Beethoven's Life Experience In Music

    Ludwig van Beethoven Every era in History has its challenges for society. It is easy to observe what people of their time throughout centuries went through. Whatever an individual faces in life usually gets depicted in a composers work. Whether it is a personal life, tragedy, war, or diseases, each of these factors play a major role in how and using what genre music was composed. Other than such facts, a persons’ surrounding, companions, to be exact, have an immense impact on an individual. One…

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  • Oral Microbiome Essay

    Oral Microbiome 10: Reflection 3 One a daily basis the human mouth can come in contact with many different materials and organisms. “The human mouth is home to billions of individual microorganisms, including viruses, protozoa, fungi, archaea, and bacteria” (University of Minnesota Department of Biology Teaching and Learning, 2016, p. 21). In specific, during this lab we are looking at Streptococcus mutans (S. mutans) and Lactobacilli. In studies, it has been shown that yogurt has helped…

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