Protestant Ascendancy

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  • Martin Luther's Role In The Reformation

    Reformation Reformation was very significant in Europe because without it the power the Catholic Church possessed would have only kept getting larger. As in the Renaissance, the Reformation looked back at history for influence. The thinkers of this Age wanted to reinstitute early christianity and its virtue. The Reformation impacted the history of the West greatly. For the very first time Western Europe’s people would be allowed to be a part of a different Christian practices. Martin Luther…

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  • Roman Catholic Church Essay

    from Luther’s reforms, Catholic leaders, under the rule of Pope Paul II, formed the Council of Trent to assess and resolve the issues that arose from Protestantism. The Council decided in favor of traditional Roman Catholic principles and opposed Protestant beliefs. Spielvogel says that it also “…affirmed Scripture and tradition as equal authorities in religious matters; only the church could interpret Scripture” (392). Although a reform did happen, the use of indulgences for salvation was kept…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To Redeemer Lutheran Church

    On October 30th, 2016 I attended Redeemer Lutheran church. I arrived there ten minutes early and picked a pew towards the back and started to take notes. The mass started around eight o’clock am and lasted approximately an hour. The service itself was similar to a Roman Catholic mass that I am use to. I was surprised that they were so similar because my thought process was since they are completely different religions than they must have completely different mass styles. Obviously after going I…

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  • The Term Renaissance

    1. The term "Renaissance" comes from the French, meaning rebirth. It is a term used to describe the 1400- 1600. Today, the renaissance is viewed as "a profound and enduring upheaval ad transformation in culture, politics, art and, society in Europe." (Brotton, 9) While I believe the term renaissance can be applied to certain aspects of this time period, I don 't believe it should blanket all that occurred in that time period. A major factor during the Renaissance was the revival of Greaco-Roman…

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  • Theories Of The Reformation

    During the 16th century, a movement known as the Reformation occurred. The Reformation contained four elements known as: Lutheranism, Calvinism (the Reformed church), Anabaptism (radical Reformation), and the Catholic Reformation (Counter-Reformation). For many, the idea of the Reformation movement coincided with the people’s need to reform the Catholic Church and they were able to complete this task with the help of strong leaders. According to Alister E. McGrath, in the book Reformation…

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  • Roger Martyn's Long Melford Church Before The Reformation

    Although there are clear differences between the ideals of Catholic and Protestant faith, I believe that by the end of the reign of Elizabeth I, English Christianity was a fusion of old Catholic tradition still battling the ideas of Protestant reformation. I will demonstrate this in this essay by establishing catholic traditions, analysing what changes the protestants wished to make and finally evaluating their effect. There are three traditions that stand out within the practises of the…

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  • The Reformation In England

    circumstances, England’s reform was bound to happen. The English reform assisted in the creation of The Church of England, which follows the Christian faith. Anglicanism, today’s name the Christian denomination, is thought to be a happy medium between Protestant and Roman Catholic. The Reformation was a significant event in changing and shaping the religious system in England as well as England’s culture. In 1500 there was only one Christian church in Western Europe. All those considered to be…

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  • Religious Hypocrisy In The Canterbury Tales Essay

    The Medieval society viewed and treated everyone according to their social rank, meaning nobility and ecclesiastical dominated all at the top, and peasants worked for them at the bottom. The Catholic Church's increase in power and wealth in the 14th century resulted in the establishment of expensive churches decorated with excessive amounts of gold. These great displays of wealth angered the people experiencing disease, plague, and famine, especially when churchmen began taking advantage of…

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  • Luther Vs Pelagius Analysis

    Two interesting figures that I have come across during my readings were the reformer Luther and the monk Pelagius. Each one held their own opinion in regard to the Christian faith, and they would not yield easily to the beliefs of others. What struck me most about Luther was his extreme focus on having faith in God, and his lack of concern for people performing good deeds. As for Pelagius, he has an intriguing take on original sin and on the choices that humans make through the power of free…

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  • Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy

    inquisition’s mechanisms. Lecture 5: Central to Calvinist Reformation and its growth is Calvin’s systematic and coherent Theology in Institutio Christianae Religionis, in which he asserts God’s sovereignty. Calvinist Geneva becomes a haven for fleeting Protestants, but also assists the expansion to countries like…

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