Preterm birth

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  • Personal Narrative: Traditional Route Of Marriage And Women

    The continuing issue of contraception practices is a huge concern of mine, obviously. I want to spend the rest of my life studying, at least in part, the side effects of birth control in women and trying to minimize the negative ones. I have tried different forms of birth control: the pill and the ring. The pill wasn’t too bad the first time I was on it, but it did mess with my hormones and made me moody. I switched to the ring after being on the pill for a year because…

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  • What Is Abortion-Right Or Wrong?

    scientific evidence, claiming that life begins at conception. Pro-life groups advocate that abortion is equivalent to murder due to the fetus being considered human, but there is no set in stone consensus defining whether life begins at fertilization, at birth, or somewhere in between. (Zhang. 1.) With all science set aside, it is common knowledge that a fetus is entirely dependent on the mother’s body, while a human is capable of surviving on its own. There is no scientific evidence needed to…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Plan B

    prescription only would mean a doctor’s visit would be required so that a pregnancy test could be done to ensure the individual is not in fact already pregnant. Moreover, it would allow the doctor to not only educate the individual of the many options of birth control to avoid having to take the Plan B pill in the future. This would possibly encourage women to use and continue use of a regular form of contraception, as well as can educate the patient as to what the pill does exactly including…

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  • Summary: The Limits Of Abortion

    child, and the other 93% is because of social reasons, or in other words they don’t want the responsibility of their actions and taking care of a child. Many women use abortion as a backup plan for if their birth control didn 't work or when they weren 't using any at all. "Using abortion as birth control is not healthy physically or psychologically, and is not a mature or responsible approach to sex."…

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  • Teen Contraception Controversy

    resources necessary, research shows teen birth rates can be greatly decreased. While religious or moral concerns may play a role in restricting teens…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Grandmother's Home

    I was born on February 20th, 1998 in Greenville, South Carolina. My parents were new to parenting because they were twenty years old when I was born. Once I turned six weeks old, my parents went back to work so my great grandmother took care of me. I learned a lot from being at my great grandmother’s house because there were always older people around me. “You and your Papa Pete used to sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by. That’s how you learned your colors. He used to hold you and…

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  • Women's Reproductive Health In Islam

    One of the most controversial topics amongst religions is the issue of women’s reproductive health. This includes religions’ stances on abortion and contraception. Most religions have strict rules about what is permitted and what is not according to their sacred texts. For example, Roman Catholicism has always considered any deviation from the natural procreation a sin. Additionally, some books and letters from Bible condemn abortion and the use of contraception. However, in other religions’…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Sibling

    Although they may not know it, birth order and siblings a person grows up with help shape their future for the rest of their lives. Sibling influences can determine what type of career person grows up to pursue, mental behavior and health, their personality, and even how responsible a person can be later on in life. The impact of a sibling can be subtle such as the order the children in a family were born, and how many year apart each one was from the other, to more overt impacts like future…

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  • Women Lashed To Their Bodies In The 1970's

    Throughout history, society has looked at the role of woman with a domestic and submissive perspective. Women were the property of men, and were there to pleasure him, bear his children, and relieve him of the domestic duties. Throughout time the role of women in society has evolved; however, women still struggle to have full control of their own bodies. As Adrienne Rich said (Of Women Born):"Women are controlled by lashing us to our bodies." The theme of women being lashed to their bodies has…

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  • Population Growth In Canada

    made. Essentially the high birth rates in one country affect the world on a more global scale than one might initially think. What the CMAs of Barrie and Guelph demonstrated is that immigration plays a large role in Canada’s society. Although it was hard to see in the first two attributes, it was made clear that between 2006 and 2011 there has been an increase in population movements into these cities. This essentially means that despite having a lower than average birth rate Canadian cities are…

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