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  • Italian Earthquake Research Paper

    Diala Tadros MRS. Grafton GEO101-002 Journal #1 This week’s major headline was the earthquake that tore Italy down to the ground, reading about it in a couple different news articles gave an entire different perspective. First, according to BBC News the main topic was the huge earthquake that affected the middle area of Italy, the quake’s power was 6.2 magnitude it covered all international and local news, it killed up to 120 people, and injured up to 360 people. Also, this earthquake…

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  • Essay On Mount St. Helens

    The movements of tectonic plates, these massive slabs of solid rock that move across the earth’s crust and crash together, move apart, and rub against each other forming most volcanoes. The tectonic collisions are a slow-moving event, as if set in slow motion, creating a long process that eventually resulting in the formation of volcanoes. The Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest is known for its deep evergreen forests and numerous tall jagged cones and this area is home to the Strato-Volcano…

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  • Primate Characteristics

    stemming from their shared ancestor. Lemur catta, more commonly known as the ring-tailed lemurs, are a species of primate. Ring-tailed lemurs are from Madagascar, an island off the southern tip of Africa and are not located anywhere else in the world (Lang, 2005, para. 4). The climate where they live is seasonal, so they experience periods of rain, cold, and heat, which has affected their behavior and eating habits. Ring-tailed lemurs’ diet mainly consists of fruits and insects. During colder…

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  • Calbucan Volcano Essay

    known as the Ring of Fire, is the habitat of 90% of the world’s volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Four hundred and fifty two volcanoes are existent between the southernmost tips of South America to the West coast of North America crossing to Japan onto New Zealand and finish its ring of fury in Antarctica with a mix of active and inactive volcanoes. One of the most active faults in America and the ring of fire is the San Andreas Fault (Turgeon). Chile is unfortunately apart of the Ring of…

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  • How Did Hitler Deal With Internal Opposition

    In what ways, and with what success, did one authoritarian or single-party ruler deal with internal opposition? Existing internal political, military, social and economic opposition in Nazi german was dealt with by both legal and illegal means with varying degrees of success. Hitler’s exploitation of situations and use of violence allowed him to successfully destroy threats from other party’s as well as within the NSDAP as well as potential economic opponents. Violence as a method was mostly…

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  • Earthquake Of 1906 Analysis

    The earthquake of 1906 was a horribly destructive and stunning event. It was described by people that were there, some of them described it in books. One of these books in the novel Dragonwings, where a character named Moonshadow feels the ground twist and turn between his feet. There are also articles found that explain the natural phenomena of the terrible earthquake that occurred on April 18, 1906. The name of one remarkable article that gives many facts is called “Web Resource”. Though…

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  • Cause Of The San Francisco Earthquake

    San Francisco – The Bay Area was shaken to its core Monday morning when an earthquake struck around 7:12 a.m. with a preliminary magnitude of 6.4. One San Francisco resident was awakened that morning not by the quake, but by a chunk of cement flying through his kitchen. Michael Beamer said he was eating breakfast before the earthquake began, and when it did he ducked and covered under his kitchen table. “I was eating my breakfast and the room started rolling. I dove under the table just as I…

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  • Cypress Street Viaduct Case Study

    The collapse of the Cypress Street Viaduct in 1989 was a disaster caused by an earthquake. On October 17, 1989 an earth quake occurred around the Santa Cruz bay area. The Cypress Street Viaduct was the first double-decker viaduct in California and it was made in 1955 – 1957 and it cost 100 million dollars. On October 17, 1989, the southern portion of the structure collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, due to ground movement and structural flaws. When in use, the upper and lower tier…

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  • Sequoia Forest

    The Sequoia Forest is one of the most beautiful places in California, and is a must-see for nature lovers everywhere. We already learned some amazing facts about the place in part one of this article, and now we're back to tell you some more with part two. Number Eight: Endangered Species, and Others The national park boasts an extensive variety of wildlife, including 5 types of fish unique to the area, 200 different bird species, and 26 different types of reptile. There are some endangered…

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  • 1991 Mount Piatubo In The United States

    Seismologist with the United States Geological Survey are usually the first to arrive in volcanic areas, to predict volcanoes eruptions and to alert people so they can get evacuated safely. One problem with the predictions is that the size and direction can’t be predicted. With the new technology and equipment, it's becoming easier to predict volcano eruptions correctly. In 1991 Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted causing many tribes to evacuate their homes. Researchers from the…

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