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  • Destiney Analysis

    Whatever an individual cherishes and desires the most at heart becomes the ignited incentives for their decisions, actions, and endeavors. Similarly, Frodo Baggins, a young hobbit from the Shire, undertook the perilous quest as a ring-bearer in order to “defend [his] country” from destruction. Even faced with continuous trials, he “kept going because [he was] holding on to” the love for his friends and the “good [of] this world” that he did not dare to surrender. Throughout the…

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  • The Two Towers: The Cure Of Theoden Comparison

    Movie clip: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - The Cure of Theoden Amongst a vast plain lies the bustling city of Rohan. This city not alike others as it houses the greatest riders in all the lands and a grand wooden hall that houses the king of all Rohan; King Theoden. On most days people would go about their own humble business and avoid conflict within the city. This was not like most days. A entourage of two men (Gandalf and Aragorn), an elf (Legolas) and a dwarf (Gimli). Each with…

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  • The Hobbit: Book Vs Movie

    types of storytelling. Some movies cannot be told the way a story was told, such as a series of flashbacks cannot be portrayed to a screen because it would be too confusing for an audience The Hobbit is the first written book of the Lord of the Rings. The movies were first published before the Hobbit movie, therefore the movie is a prequel. The director of the series chose to do the trilogy before the Hobbit. Just to give some backstory.…

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  • Process Analysis Of Natural Disasters

    Topic Suggestion #1: Natural Disasters and How to get Ready for It Analysis: Self: I often worry about natural disasters because I live right on the San Andrea’s Fault. Also, when I see the world news, I always hear that many people died because of natural disasters. I experienced many earthquakes, but my family was not ready for earth quakes. We do have emergency foods and lights, however, most objects in my house will fall once a major earth quake starts. When I was in middle school, around…

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  • Chile Earthquake Research Paper

    Maule Earthquake One of the largest Earthquakes in the world occurred on February 27, 2010. This Earthquake, known as the Maule Earthquake, took place on the offshore of Bio-Bio Chile with a magnitude of 8.8 (“Aftershocks of Chilean Earthquake”). Even with all the damage and destruction caused by the earthquake, the offshore of Bio-Bio, Chile was in for more destruction by the tsunami that shortly followed Maule Earthquake. As a result, Chile was impacted by the earthquake politically,…

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  • Japan 2011 Tsunami Summary

    Japan 2011 Tsunami By Jayden Dwyer Summary On March 11, 2011, 231 miles northeast of Japan a 9.1-magnitude earthquake occurred 15.2 miles underwater. This is the biggest earthquake in Japanese history. The earthquake erupted along a subduction zone, this is where two tectonic plates meet and collide (convergent) with each other. Subduction is a process where one of the two plates slides underneath the other plate melting into the mantle, this builds up stress between the two…

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  • The Nuremberg Case Study

    After World War II had ended, justice needed to be served to all those people who were in charge of the Nazi regime and ordered the mass genocide of the Jews. In November 1945, that time had come for more than 20 of Germany 's high-ranking Nazi leaders. Nuremberg, Germany was selected as the location for the first international war crimes trials for these men were to be held. This place is significant because Nuremberg was the site for all of the National Socialist Party 's annual rallies (Overy…

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  • Comparing Pangloss And Martin In Voltaire's Candide

    “The last judgment is here, cried Candide” (Norton, p.425) this is what he said when the earthquake of Lisbon hit. What we can see from this statement is how easily influenced Candide is, all it took was an earthquake and already it is the end of the world. Now granted this is an earthquake that has devastating potential, but we don’t see any other character making a statement like this. Also, Candide's major error is that he never seems to develop his own thoughts and feelings about life…

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  • 1960 Valdivia Earthquake

    An earthquake is the phenomenon that a huge energy suddenly released and appeared in the Earth’s crust when two moved plates slip past one another. The earthquakes usually happen in the convergent boundaries, divergent boundaries and transform boundaries. In the three kinds of boundaries, the convergent boundary often produces the largest magnitude earthquakes. Because when the two plates collide strongly in the convergent boundary, the extreme pressure and the great friction will appear. So the…

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  • Essay On Mexican Earthquake

    On Thursday, September 7th, 2017, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 struck off the coast of Mexico. (Jones,2017). The 8.1 quake was said to be the strongest earthquake to hit the country in a century. (Jones,2017). The aftermath of this earthquake was devastating and heartbreaking. Homes were lost, mass evacuations were made, and 61 lives were lost. Millions were left without power with only 800,000 being restored (Jones,2017). The answer as to why so many earthquakes occur in Mexico is…

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