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  • The Worth Of Women By Moderata Fonte

    translated by Virginia Cox. The novel portrays the theme of the abuse of women and is written in dialogue to assist with interpreting this message. Moderata’s uncle, Giovanni Niccolò Doglioni, wrote a biography of her called Life of Signora Modesta Pozzo de ' Zorzi, known as Moderata Fonte. We learn that Moderata was born into a respected family in the year 1553 and orphaned before the age of one. Many family members volunteered to take care of her and her older brother because they would be…

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  • Dalit Feminism Of India Summary

    This chapter presents an overall view about feminism movement in general with special reference about Dalit Feminism. The term 'Dalit Feminism deals with special status of a woman who is also marginalised for her caste & gender. With some other writers here we discuss about short stories of Urmila Pawar a Dalit Feminist of India. Concept of Feminism In the mid 1800s the term 'feminism ' was used to refer to 'the qualities of females", and it was not until after the first International Women…

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  • Existential Crisis In Samuel Beckett And Harold Pinter

    Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter are two powerful dramatist of post modern times. They talk about existential crisis in their dramas. In fact, both Beckett and Pinter are associated with absurd movement. The absurd movement describes the meaninglessness and uncertainty of human life. This movement was influenced by existential philosophy of Sartre, Camus and Heidegger. Martin Asslin’s book The Theatre of Absurd is an authentic discussion on the theme of absurdism as presented by post modern…

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