Power in international relations

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  • Similarities Between Realism And Realism

    broad paradigm in which it is a view of international politics that stresses its competitive and conflictual side. Realists often trace their intellectual roots to Thucydides classic account of Peloponnesian war in the fifth century B.C. At their core realists’ theories have a pragmatic approach to international relations describing the world as it is not as it ought to be. Realist believe that power is the currency of international politics. Great powers, the main actors in the realist’ account…

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  • What Is Realism?

    Realism is a broad comprehensive theory of international relations with many diverse assumptions and sub-theories articulated by several scholars. New ideas have been introduced by scholars who interpreted traditional philosophers and historians to generate some branches within realism such as classical realism (Thucydides, Machiavelli and Thomas Hobbes), and neo-realism/ structural realism (Kenneth Waltz).However, there are four key assumptions that are similar within all branches of Realism…

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  • State Rex Tillerson's Speech Summary

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Tillerson outlines the intention of the United States to further relations with India to address the rising Chinese power. He describes the nature of US ties with India as a “strategic relationship.” Moreover, Tillerson highlights how the United States and China will “never have the same relationship” due to China’s communist society and infringements of several international conventions. In his speech, Tillerson makes it evident that the United States views…

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  • Arthur Lykke National Security Strategy And China Case Study

    i). The NSS prescribes long-standing alliances, coalitions, and the international community as the principle means of sustaining National Security. Specifically, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the East Asia Summit (EAS) are used to promote, “regional support for international economic norms that are vital to maintaining it as an engine for global economic growth” (NSS, pg. 24). Concerning China, these events, and…

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  • Realism Vs Liberalism Essay

    Realism and liberalism are the two main theories in the international relations field. Realism describes about a pessimistic selfish world, a world that war can easily happen because of the seeking power of all nations. Liberalism believe in optimistic world that nation will cooperated to play the “win-win game”, in which means that sides get theirs advantages and the existence of would decrease. This essay would explain about these two theories and would attempt to analyze the crisis in Ukraine…

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  • Hard Power Vs Soft Power Essay

    United States has both a great deal of power and plenty of responsibility. The United States is recognized all throughout the world as its superpower and it has legitimacy to back it up. Even if we were in a decline from being the global hegemony, no other country comes close to our GDP. Many suggest that China is the next hegemony and that they will be the next authority, but no one can really tell by just using raw data alone. As we discussed the debate of what power really looks like and…

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  • America As A Superpower

    572). America’s economy is lucrative on a global scale because of their broad international customer base. Many foreign businesses and individuals rely and trust on American products because the country creates high-caliber products in the market. Having something essential to offer to the table, America can establish alliances and maintain peace by conducting business with a country. The second superpower, cultural power, is often overlooked. Since we practice our own culture and ideologies…

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  • International Relations Theories: Idealism Vs Neorealism

    Although there are numerous international relations theories that exist within the world today, not many clash like neorealism and idealism do. Where neorealists see a world full of actors focused on achieving power for survival, idealists see many actors attempting to achieve that same survival through the use of cooperation instead of force. When neorealists say that power is the best means for survival, idealists assert that survival is not in power, but rather in cooperation and…

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  • The Effects Of Realism In The Refugee Crisis

    crisis, the EU is seen as a divided international organization as it tries to countries struggles to cope with the large influx of refugees. Three schools of International Relations come into play in how to address the challenges that come about in the refugee crisis in Europe. These paradigms help explain the problem as well as opportunities to address these challenges. First, there is the realist school,…

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  • Sovereignty And Individual Rights Essay

    side of the spectrum are those who believe that the most emphasized aspect of international law should be the protection of sovereignty while others hope for individual rights to be promoted and protected. International lawyers Kofi Annan and Martti Koskenniemi, offer their contrasting perspectives. Martti Koskenniemi believes that sovereignty since its inception has played a vital role in developing international relations, he notes that, “The pattern of influence and decision-making that rules…

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