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  • Why Did Napoleon Lead To The French Revolution

    called “Constitutions” which more and more gave him power, especially the “Constitution of 1802” which gave him office for life. While also giving him the power to elect his successor which ultimately would eventually be someone from his bloodline. Napoleon was not a man for the better of the Revolution he was a man for himself and for his belief for a weak nation like France was with the ending of the massive Revolution that they had ongoing. One of the main instances from the book that really made me double look at the way Napoleon believed his was a king was his coronation at the “Temple of Reason”, in which he wore a glamorous robe as well as his wife Josephine. While holding a scepter in which the nobles used, he took the crown out of Pope Pius VII and placed the crown on his head. As you can see here at this moment that a new royal family was just assumed into…

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  • Meaning Of Faith, Theology, And Evangelization

    For now let 's focus on the definition. First let 's be clear, we are all called to evangelize; it 's our job. My course book put it beautifully when they quoted Pope Paul VI, "the Church exists to evangelize." We are the Church. We are called to proclaim Jesus Christ to those we encounter. Whether our personal calling is to be a grand public speaker and we evangelize that way. Or we may be a cashier and our simple conversations with those we serve is our way to evangelize. When we accept the…

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  • Meaning Of Religion

    As most humans wonder, what is the true meaning of religion, and what religion is right? There are handfuls of religions that you could believe in, but what makes yours righter than someone else’s? That is why I will be explaining serval author’s arguments over what they believe of religion and all its meanings. Many of this authors do argue similar ideas as they also do disagree on many things. The four passages I will be summering for you are “The Great Question Ch.1”, and “Religion Ch.3” by…

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  • Women During The Italian Renaissance

    Women had a better chance of playing a greater role in society if they came from a family in the upper class or were married into a wealthy family(Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). A prime example of a woman who broke through this barrier was Lucrezia Borgia (Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). She was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI. Alexander VI used her to gain political power and she became famous through this concept (Women in the Renaissance, n.d.). One of the most intelligent women to come…

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  • Second Vatican Council Essay

    private. They also gave rise to the rite for infants to participate in the sacramental celebration of baptism. Baptism is known as the entry into the holy realm of Christ. All sin are removed and asked to turn away from any sin and accept the faith of Christ. They emphasized on the role of parents and of the godparents “will be the first of teachers of their children in their way of faith; may they be also the best of teachers”. Concerns arose, are the parents that are presenting their…

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  • Machiavelli Character Analysis

    In chapter XV, Machiavelli describes being merciful (or pious) and being cruel as opposite attributes that a prince can possess. Ferdinand however, is described as both. In chapter XXI Machiavelli writes, “…always making use of religion, [Ferdinand] turned to an act of pious cruelty…,” (XXI. 88). He also writes, “…he perpetrated an act of cruelty dressed up at piety, stripping Marrano Jews of their wealth and expelling them from his kingdom, a move that could hardly have been more distressing,”…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter From Birmingham City Jail

    Council in 1965 by Pope Paul VI. It talks about Christianity and compares it to other religions in a positive way. First it talks about Hinduism and Buddhism. It says in these religions people think about the “divine mystery” and show them through myths. They seek relief from pain by meditation, self-discipline or turn to God. Buddhism teaches that if you are committed and confident, you can live a free life filled with light. The reading then goes on to say that the catholic church preaches the…

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  • Church Corruption In The Middle Ages Essay

    all either massive cowards or power-hungry generals, and even the many holy wars that ravished the peasants livelihood, simply making it another day was a challenge for the people. When times get tough, what do the lowly masses do? They turn to a higher power, and the denizens of the medieval period were no exception, as this was the last time when christianity was at it's most powerful since the death of Christ. This may seem at first like a very good thing, but in fact it was this great…

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  • Heliocentrism In Religion

    During the early 17th century, many people were still very divided on the issues concerning the motion of the earth and the sun. The church argued for geocentrism while many other scholars and individuals argued for heliocentrism. However, this fight over the Earth’s movements was not only centered around the natural sciences, but the interpretation of the bible (Westman, 11/8). This discussion included a debate on the power and authority of the church due to the Bible influencing the view of…

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  • Examples Of Religious Imperialism

    involve the active suppression of other religions. One classic example of religious imperialism is the events that took place during the crusades (http://www.dailykos.com/user/Ojibwa/rss.xml). As we look back in time, imperialism has been driven by religion. The desire to spread a certain religion led to imperialization. For instance, in 1095 Pope Urban II called upon a sermon, which caused the First Crusade. The Emperor of the Byzantine Empire (Alexios I), needed military assistance, so Pope…

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