Pneumonic plague

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  • Why Did The Black Death Altar Europe

    How did the black death altar europe? The Black Death was a terrifying diease that spread through not only Europe but across China and Africa too, killing a vast amount of people during the middle ages era. The Black Death started in China and Africa which later on arrived on the shores of Europe by sailors returning from the Black Sea. The boats also carried infected rats which lead on the spread of the diease. The Black Death lasted in Europe from 1347-1350 but it didn't stop there,…

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  • Good Haste Case Study

    Analise Tenney Problem Set #1 PHP 405- Dr. Caffrey October 14, 2015 Chapter 15- All in Good Haste In 1993, news spread among the entire Navajo Nation of three strong young members of the community who unexpectedly died after suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS. Upon discovery that these deaths were interrelated through family, the state’s medical examiner alerted the forensic pathologist of the possibility of a communicable disease problem. The New Mexico Department of…

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  • I M Not Scared Film Analysis

    I'm not scared is set in the fictional town of Aqua Traverse in Southern Italy in the late 1970s. At this era in Italy there was a huge imbalance in the standard of living between the North and South of the country. This prompted a spate of 300 kidnappings in Italy in 1978, carried out by poor southern Italians on children of rich northerners, children like Filippo in I'm not scared. Thus the political backdrop of the film is significant. The main crisis of the film, involving Michele's…

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  • Animal Testing Importance

    The history of earth has witnessed numerous remarkable epidemics, which were the reason for millions of human deaths. These tragedies did not distinguish between an animal and a human, even children suffered from them. One example of these epidemics was the Black Death, which had killed approximately seventy-five million people in 1350. Until now, neither human beings nor other creatures have a guarantee against the re-emergence of these epidemics, or against the spread of a new one. For this…

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  • Essay About Victorian Cities

    Why were Victorian cities so unhealthy? There are many reasons out there as to why so many people died in the industrializing cities such as Leeds and Manchester at this time. We from the future look back on this time as a disgusting one, and it was: Children will get sick if they come in contact with feces. Unfortunately, the Victorians didn’t know this. However, perhaps the root cause lies with these four reasons: the population explosion, back to back housing, diseases, and water and waste…

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  • The Black Plague In Medieval Europe

    had done to this country and the types of medicine they had. This all happened during the 1350s all across Europe. In the 1300’s Europe had discovered one of the worst diseases ever in the world. This disease is called The Black Plague or The Black Death. This plague has been the worse one in history. It had spread all throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Before all this happened the population had just became to start increasing. In this country people are suffering from hunger…

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  • The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever By Benedictow

    The Plague of Change Chaos struck Europe in the 14th century as the Black Death swept the continent. This tragedy came from central Asia, and then in late 1347-1348 spreads to much of Europe where approximately one third of the population died within just two short years. This catastrophe was a major mystery with no even attack plan. In various parts of the continent upwards of 90% of the population died. Many asked the cause of this deadly disease, as well as if it had a divine origin. From…

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  • The Black Death Plague Analysis

    The Black Death plague was by far the most devastating pandemic in the history of humanity. The plague ravaged Europe to a death toll of 75 to 200 million people from 1346 until 1353. The Black Death even struck a few Middle Eastern countries as well. The population of Europe was decreased by 30-60%, reducing the world’s total population drastically. Repercussions of the Black plagues destruction lead to many cultural effects felt through out the world, but none as drastic as Europe. Art,…

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  • Yersina Plague: The Black Death In Europe

    Black Death. The religious overtones of the Black Plague were evident in the art of the Renaissance. The spread of this disease and the millions of deaths made people question the church’s heavy emphasis on the afterlife instead of the time people have on Earth. This challenging of religion was one of the main reoccurring themes of the Renaissance. There are even examples such as the Fresco painting The Triumph of Death which depicts the Black Plague as a skeletal solider on a horse, delivering…

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  • Head Mice Research Paper

    Head Lice is very common with young school age children and very annoying to get rid of. Everyone has had lice at least once. Head Lice are tiny, wingless parasitic insects (Head Lice, 1995-2017). The live in the hair near the scalp and lay their eggs near the scalp also (Head Lice, 1995-2017). Many people have had at least one experience with head lice. Head Louses are tiny six-legged insects (Treating and Preventing Head Lice Infestations, 2005-2017). They cling to people’s necks and…

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