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  • Adlerian Play Therapy

    problems (Meany-Walen, Bratton, & Kottman, 2014). The article pointed out disruptive behavior as the reason for students’ referrals, presenting a concern for early interventions. Meany-Walen et al., (2014) set out to examine the success of Adlerian Play Therapy (AdPT) on children who demonstrate disruptive behavior. Through examining the effectiveness of AdPT, the following question must be addressed: Was there a decrease in children’s disruptive behavior and teacher stress with…

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  • Montessori's Play As Therapy

    Play as Therapy. Play as therapy is used when children and are able to express themselves through play with the support of a fully trained therapists; they may be able to express themselves unconsciously as the experience that they are facing may be too hard for them to express. It is very useful as play is an essential part of a child’s development but it is also a child’s first language so is it a good way of expressing emotions and feelings. There are many therapists that supported the idea…

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  • Adlerian Play Therapy Essay

    Learner’s Dictionary, play is things that people, particularly children, do for pleasure and not for work. Children acquire different experiences and knowledge through play. It is undeniable that playing is part of a child’s life and it has been used not only for earning but…

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  • Virginia Axline Play Therapy

    change. Well, children love to play, Virginia Axline, a former student of Carl Rogers introduced play therapy. It works well with children and the most common form used is child-centered play. It takes the focus off the therapist and allows the children to experience self-exploration, self-discovery and self-actualization. Play therapy, however isn’t a technique, it is a method that is widely used in group for children under the age of 12. This therapy consist of play based activities that are…

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  • Role-Play Analysis: Motivational Therapy Model

    Introduction The Role-Play Analysis was a very interesting assignment. It allowed us, as novice practitioners to practice skills that were taught throughout the semester. The following are therapy models that were covered: Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused and Interpersonal Therapy Models. RP 1 Motivational Interviewing: Strengths A strength that I noticed throughout the video was my ability to actively listen to Wendy and reflect her feelings or what I believed she felt and then I…

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  • To Support And Guide Children Essay

    To Support and Guide Children via Social and Behavioral Sciences Children, teens, and adults all over the world are struggling. There is no person who is perfect, nor does anyone have an “easy” life. I, for one, have not had it “easy” at any point in my life. Since the moment I learned to talk, I have been dealing with incredible hardships concerning family; mental health issues; sexual, emotional, and physical abuse; physical health conditions; financial issues, and more. I believe every person…

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  • Counseling Profession: A Case Study

    & Tucker, 2017). The desires of children and adolescents are quite different and incomparable to adults. Additionally, children and adolescents express their feelings, process information, and perform differently than adults. Consequently, talk therapy is not always a beneficial intervention tool for the child and adolescent population. Unfortunately, many counselors leave their graduate programs without the appropriate preparation in working with this population. Hence, attending workshops,…

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  • Preschool Child Observation

    gradually go through the alphabet throughout the whole year. Speech and language therapy at Rise focuses greater on vocabulary development and less on reading. Like all the other therapies at Rise, speech and language therapy is integrative, in that it is held within normal class activities, and implements activities that promote fine and gross motor movement, such as the pincer grasp and stomping. Speech and language therapy also focuses a great deal on the use of sign language for all…

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  • Vann Case Study Essay

    Case Study on Vann 1 Case Study on Vann William C. Hill Chesapeake College Psychology 150 Vann is a seventeen-year-old boy who has experienced some changes recently. Over the years, he has been in love with soccer. He would play pickup games with his friends, and would watch his favorite team, Case Study on Vann 2 Manchester United, on television every weekend. For about a month, he has had no interest in this at all. He has also stopped attending some of his classes, causing…

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  • Theories Of Diversity And Inclusion

    Preparation Standards). During one of my placements I encountered a situation where we had 2 children in the class from Europe and communicated very little in English. They would start crying when they are brought in, and isolate themselves during play. I saw the ECEs in the room did not take any initiative to work with them because they did not know how to include or work with children from diverse backgrounds. This experience made me feel that if ECEs have higher level of education,…

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