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  • My Third Grade Speech

    Third grade soccer is my earliest memory of embarrassment. My remembrance coming from the conversation with one of my teammates asking which grade I was in. The simple response of “third grade” had resulted in a patter of laughter. My mispronunciation of the word “third” turned the grade into a matter of feces. That is when I began to be self-conscious of my speech. I had been in the English as a Second Language program throughout elementary school, and in the fifth grade I realized my biggest…

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  • Driving Miss Daisy Play Analysis

    When it comes to the makings of a play there are many aspects that play a role in order to create a great play. Set design and light design are two of those characteristics that work together to achieve the desired look for a play. After watching the play Driving Miss Daisy, I was able to see how important lighting and set design really are in a production. Driving Miss Daisy is a play that was written by Alfred Uhry. One may think that the key to a play is the writer itself however, behind…

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  • Whack-A-Mole: Poem Analysis

    Every time we neared a video arcade, I begged my parents to let me play Whack-A-Mole. I am not sure if it was the hammer I got to use during the game, the joy of smacking the mole as it popped out of the board, or the adrenaline rush as the game sped up. In elementary school this was a rare treat my parents succumbed to only when we were on vacation, and I had worn them down. However, as a junior, my talent at Whack-A-Mole, took on a whole new metaphoric meaning. I was warned when I entered AP…

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  • Essay On Trampolines

    Trampolines are very fun toys, is an activity loved by people of all ages. A trampoline is an object consisting of a piece of taut, a strong fiber extended over a steel frame using many springs, the fabric used on the trampoline bed has certain elasticity, the elasticity is generated by the springs connected to the frame, which store potential energy (the stored energy of position of an object). The first trampoline to be invented, was invented by a trapeze artist called Du Trampolin, he…

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  • Essay On Youth Sports

    help you learn life lessons, and help prepare kids for life. To begin OYSL doesn't just help you with teamwork but keeping a healthy lifestyle. David Geiger in “ Give Children Variety and Time Off” says that “ As adults, we should want our kids to play sports. They not only exercise but also promote mental wellbeing and social development.” Jim Thompson says “ Competitive sports can enhance life well after childhood, from education to work to…

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  • Essay On Extrinsic Motivation

    Vallerand (2004) and Biddle et al (2015) continues that Intrinsic motivation means taking part in an activity just for the enjoyment of participation. An example of intrinsic motivation is me and my continued participation in football even though I do not play anymore but activity 1 I have not done since I left home 30 years ago. Vallerand et al. (1992) tell us that there are at least three categories of intrinsic motivation. They are motivation to know, motivation to try and better oneself and…

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  • Juxtaposition In A Doll's House

    The Juxtaposition of the Themes on Oppositions and Congruencies on A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen The play A Doll’s House was written by Henrik Ibsen in the 18th century. The dramatist wanted to emphasize on the characteristics of Nora and hence he used Mrs Linde, the foil of Nora to put a light on the differences between the two characters. The two characters in the play - Nora and Mrs Linde who are similar yet have distinct personalities. However, the biggest common ground between them is…

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  • Bailey Townsend Biography

    Hitting a game winning shot always seemed like a dream for Bailey Townsend. Having the opportunity to play basketball was a blessing in itself, not to mention getting to hit the shot of a lifetime. She never imagined that such a dream could actually turn into a reality, that is, until the opportunity fell right into her hands. Growing up, playing basketball was the highlight of Townsend’s childhood. It seems that from the moment she could walk, that a basketball was in her hands. She started…

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  • Traditional Classroom

    interaction on the table. A game also had to be created to support this system. In this case, the game focused on historical ages including: Prehistory, Ancient Times, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Period, and the Contemporary period. The children would play the role as a time traveler and then explore all the major events of that time period. They are then tested of their knowledge through several mini-games. The game only accepted input from one player, so when there were multiple…

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  • Othello Movie Analysis

    Casting Othello, The Movie Casting actors for a film version of Shakespeare’s Othello could become a challenging task. Shakespeare’s play complexity and long speeches present a difficult undertaking even for the most talented and skilled individuals in today’s film industry pool of actors. Therefore, we most carefully exam the play’s characters and search for candidates that can be paired, not only to the physical attributes of the character, but more importantly to the complexity in language,…

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