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  • The Poem Minerva Jones

    From the Spoon River Anthology, the poem "Minerva Jones" by Edgar Lee Masters, in the epitaph, the speaker introduced a woman named Minerva Jones who is a poetess. Assuming by the speaker, "Hooted at, jeered at by the Yahoos of the street" Minerva Jones is not quite admired by folks, she is mocked and insulted by others. It is indisputable that Minerva Jones had a rocky relationship with others. Throughout the text, the speaker not only discusses but mentions others involved in her tragic…

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  • Inwood Walking Survey Report

    borough of Manhattan. It consists primarily of apartment buildings, with a wide variety of mom and pop business stores. The neighborhood is full of hills and mountainous areas and bordered by two bodies of water; The Harlem River to the north and east, and the Hudson River on the west, which places most of the neighborhood in hurricane evacuation Zone 2 (“Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder”, 2016). Inwood begins on 200th street better known as Dyckman street to 220th street, with various…

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  • Jervis Mcentee Hudson River Education Analysis

    A Review of a Kingston Painter: Chronicler of the Hudson River School From time to time, one’s contributions to the world get noticed long after they have left earth. For some, it may be centuries later. This is the case for one Kingston painter named Jervis McEntees. McEntee’s contribution to the first native art movement in the United States, the Hudson River School finally gets celebrated, a century and a quarter later. Two exhibitions were used to celebrate McEntees’s efforts. His specific…

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  • Judith Francisca Baca

    The Great Wall of Los Angeles is one of the longest murals that exists in history. The great wall was built in the year of 1976 with a team of many youths, artists, and historians that collaborated under the direction of very well-known Chicana artist Judith Francisca Baca. Judith wanted to make sure that the young people understood the artwork they created. Therefore, historians, scholars, ethnologists and community members met with participants throughout the process. The objective was to…

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  • How Did Louis Riel Affect Society

    Manitoba, and a Canadian politician. He was born on October 22, 1844 in Red River Colony and died on November 16, 1885 in Regina. His wife’s name was Marguerite Monet. He had two children. He was very supportive for the Métis. Louis Riel was a very influential person that effected Canada in many ways. Louis Riel was the person that stood up for the Métis and supported them. The Métis from the south branch of the Red River had asked Louis Riel to give their…

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  • Louis Riel: Hero Or Traitor?

    Louis Riel was a lunatic. Soon after the Red River Rebellion, Riel was exiled. These many years marked the first suspicions of his insanity. During this time, he was more concerned with religious rather than political matters. Staying with the Roman Catholic priests in Quebec, he was influenced to believe that he was divinely chosen to become the leader of the Métis. Today, with more research on Riel’s odd beliefs, it came to a speculation that the man may have been suffering a psychological…

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  • Louis Riel And John A. Macdonald Analysis

    figures in Canada's history. Louis Riel was a Métis man who was born on October 22, 1844, on the Red River Settlement in Saint-Boniface. Riel was fluent in both English and French. During his lifetime, Riel achieved many great successes and inspired many people. Riel was a Métis leader, the founder of Manitoba and the National Métis Committee, and was also one of the primary figures in the Red River Resistance. Ultimately, Riel was executed in Regina, Saskatchewan on November 16, 1885, after…

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  • The Symbolism Of Light In Hemingway's Work

    sleep,” he provides another example of how the light serves as a way to cope with what he declares as “probably only insomnia,” but is probably more similar to depression or despair (ACWL 5). (Say more about ACWLP and the light). “Big Two-Hearted River” also shows Nick who has come back from conflict and faces a dark world aided by the presence of light. On Nick’s journey, the wilderness can be seen as an obstacle he must overcome as a way of healing, and…

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  • Community School Project

    where they will have access to computers, printers, and other helpful resources. There are currently four core partners in this project, which are Indian River State College (IRSC), Children’s Home Society (CHS), School District of Indian River County (SDIRC), and Department of Health (DOH). Other partners include the United Way of Indian River County, Treasure Coast Community Health (TCCH), Pelican Island Elementary, Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative, Florida Department of Children and…

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  • In Our Time Literary Analysis

    In Our Time by Ernest Hemingway delves into the true cost of war on the individual. World War One, also known as The Great War, is one of the biggest wars in the modern history. Generations of young men were exposed to the horrors of warfare without being aware of the cost it would have on them. The war took a sense of innocence not only from these soldiers but also from the world. “The strange thing was, he said, how they screamed every night at midnight. I don’t know why they screamed at that…

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