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  • Plant Hormones Lab Report

    There are several different types of plant hormones some of which inhibit or promote growth in the plant. There are also synthetic varieties of these plant hormones, specifically the plant hormone auxin which has many different synthetic compounds. There is not much data on the impact that these synthetic hormones have on plants growth rate in pea plants. In order to understand the impacts of synthetic auxin an experiment was conducted using natural auxin, naphthaleneacetic acid, and…

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  • Darkness And Light Affect The Growth Of Plants

    about how plants cannot survive in total darkness and how darkness &light affect the growth of a plant in different ways. Plants cannot survive in total darkness as they use the suns energy and through a process convert it into food, this process is called photosynthesis. The plants that need sunlight to survive, which are majority of plants are called autotrophs. The presence/absence of light and dark play an important role in a plants as they trigger metabolism, growth and behaviour in a…

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  • Symbiotic Relationship Between Plants And Microbes

    microbe internally* (V. Clarke et al 2014). The symbiotic relationship between plants and fungi is an essential one for benefiting fully from Mycorrhizae, which then helps the land plants absorb the essential nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. The interaction between plants and microbes allows for essential functions of the plants such as growth, germination and health of the plant, as well as for helping the plant fight off disease and stress. The beneficial fungi being present will…

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  • How Plant Growth Affected By Rhizobia Bacteria?

    Discussion The aim of this study is to determine how plant growth is affected by Rhizobia bacteria and fertilizer. The histogram in figure 1 indicates that the change in biomass of pea plant species was higher under Rhizobia + fertilizer. Pea plant species comes from a legume family. According to Taiz and Zeiger (2010), these plant species enter into a symbiotic relationship with root-nodule bacteria, referred to as Rhizobia. Based on the results, the increase in biomass under rhizobia+…

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  • How Does Chlorophyll Affect Plant Growth

    Introduction: Once a plant begins growth, it depends on multiple abiotic factors to continue growing: light, carbon dioxide and water. These three factors affect the growth rate of a plant, causing it to grow quicker or slower. Furthermore, altering these factors may stunt plants growth or improve it. For example, plants require an adequate amount of water to survive. Water hydrates the plant and also breaks down the minerals in the soil. As the plant absorbs the water, nutrients are transported…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Asexual And Sexual Reproduction In Plants

    Title: To investigate the reproductive structures of the plants and to understand its importance in the survival of plant species. Introduction: Angiosperms are the dominant form of plant life in most terrestrial ecosystems, comprising about 90 percent of all plant species. Most crop and ornamental plants are angiosperms. Their success results, in part, from two innovative structures: the flower and the fruit. Flowers are derived evolutionarily from modified leaves. The main parts of a flower…

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  • Essay On Relationship Between Ants And Plants

    organism benefits. Ants and plants interact in many puzzling ways, but one type of interaction has fascinated ecologists for centuries. Mutualism is a type of symbiosis, where both species benefit from the relationship. Ant to plant mutualisms are facultative, meaning they are not necessary for each other’s survival. However, the survival of both species lends greatly to this complex relationship. (Boucher D.H. 1985) To truly understand this interaction between ants and plants, it is important…

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  • Health Benefits Of Having A Plant-Based Diet

    experiences. However, please suspend your immediate reactions and defenses, to hear another side that you may not be aware of. Not consuming animal products and having a plant-based diet is beneficial to people’s health and could make a significant impact on the extermination of world hunger, animal cruelty and animal exploitation. Having a plant-based diet will give countless benefits to our health, planet and have been proven to cure illnesses. You can acquire more vitamins and nutrients from…

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  • Does Cyanide Affect Plant Growth

    How does cyanide affect plant growth by Ethan G. and Gabe M. This project is to help determine the effects of cyanide being planted with the seed of a plant. Some seeds naturally have cyanide in them such as apple seeds, peach pits, and apricots. So what happens if a lima bean is planted with a minute dose of cyanide when compared to one without? Cyanide is found in the seeds of many common fruits, cigarette smoke, and combustion products like plastic. It gets used to make paper, textiles,…

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  • How Does Tap Water Affect Plants

    water affect plant growth. I chose this project because if anyone would like to grow plants they would want to know which water makes their plants grow the biggest and tallest. The reason I chose this project is because I would like to learn more about plant growth and how different types of water would affect it because then I could grow multiple types of plants and get bigger plants then ones watered with tap or distilled water. My hypothesis is that the recycled water will make the plants…

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