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  • Pros And Cons Of Standing Rock Protests

    The continued mistreatment and discrimination against Indigenous people is apparent in light of the Standing Rock protests taking place in North Dakota. Oil companies in North Dakota seek to put a pipeline near Standing Rock, which will ruin water supplies and sacred tribal sites. Although these companies say it will be safe, they altered the location of the pipeline from a city center to Indigenous lands. Protests have continued to take place since April 2016. The protest signifies what has…

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  • Cheyenne Tribe Research Paper

    was Bison.They lived in “reservations” where the goverment them to live in a certain area. Americans helped influence their culture by helping “absorb” them into another different culture. The Cheyenne tribe usually lived in areas around the Great Plains and parts of South Dakota. When it's around summer time they in teepees which are 12-16 feet in diameter.When winter comes around they lived in grass covered prairies. In 1832 the Cheyenne tribe split into two groups, northern and southern.…

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  • 1900-1930's Black Blizzard

    Black Blizzard is about dust storms that were ravaging areas of Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The Dust storms were extremely loud, over 7,000 feet tall they turned the sky black and they killed lots of animals. The areas mentioned were hit by hundreds of the storms. The storms destroyed land and crops, forcing people to move. Together these storms made one of the worst natural disasters. From 1900-1930 it was popular to buy plots of land and farm there. Crops were already…

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  • Why Did Jamestown Die?

    In 1607, Englishmen sailed up the James River because they wanted to find gold, spread Christianity, and to make a trade route to China. Why did so many colonist of Jamestown die? Many colonist in Jamestown died because of three problems. These problems where Native Americans, lack of food, and lack of important occupations. The first reason Jamestown colonist died was because of Native Americans. After getting to Jamestown on May 14, 1607 twelve days later two colonist had already died…

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  • Cultural Analysis Of Dances With Wolves

    In 1991, the movie Dances with Wolves was nominated for twelve Academy Awards, and won seven of them, including Best Picture of the Year. This was originally a novel by Michael Blake in 1986 but became a movie in 1990 and was directed and produced by Kevin Costner and Jim Wilson. The main characters were Lt. John Dunbar (Kevin Costner), Stands With a Fist (Mary McDonnell), and Kicking Bird (Graham Greene). This movie was set in 1864 and told the story of a soldier named John Dunbar who chose to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Lives Of Native Americans

    I was born in North America in the 1500’s and I live in the wilderness with my people, the Native Americans. We do all we can to survive the wild. We hunt for food, build teepees used for shelter, and make small villages. We do all we can to keep our selves alive. Then, one day we were hunting for buffalo as usual, and we suddenly heard a sound coming from the shore. I couldn’t believe what was happening or who these people where, or where they came from and why, so my first instinct was to…

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  • Sitting Bull Argument Essay

    Sitting Bull used many tools in his speach to his fellow Natives. He spoke of the land and what it means to them, and he spoke of their ancestors. The most effective tool the Sitting Bull used, however, is his comparisons of the people, the animals, and the land they roam. Animals were an incredibly important aspect of the natives lives. They provided food, and most other things that the natives used in their every day lives. They only took what they needed and did not waste any part of the…

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  • Kansas Rock Art

    Along with Paleoindian and Archaic peoples, in the 1981 work O’Neill concludes that there are ten possible tribes to which rock art can possibly attributed to in specific ranges: Various Plains Apache groups, Comanche, Kiowa, Kiowa Apache bands, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Wichita, Pawnee, Osage, and Kanza. He also suggests that the sites “… could be measured in hundreds of years rather than thousands” (O’Neill 1981, 26). This is a broad range of…

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  • European Feudalism

    Going back further- Moore explains a series of European continental population explosions and contractions that put forth an ecological crisis that put pressure on the current feudal system to change. He begins his account of the origins of capitalism in the 11th and 14th century population boom in medieval Europe during the golden age of European feudalism- nearly 500 years before Appleby or Wood begin their explanations due to a rejection of the commercialization model. Moore describes a…

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  • What Is The Impact Of The Dust Bowl Essay

    Have you ever been dehydrated and you feel bad like there 's a storm inside of you? Well our country was dehydrated so badly that it created huge dust storms because of the lack of care for agriculture. Our country went through a time where we didn 't have much water because we didn 't have the resources like we have today. we had to wait till it rained to get water. So the agriculture areas were drying up because of the lack of rain. The dry land would be a key factor of the dust bowl because…

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