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  • Julius Caesar Persuasive Speech

    Cassius told me he fears that our conspiracy has been discovered. Cassius also says if we ever are discovered he will slay himself. I tell him “be constant Popilius Lena speaks not of our purposes.” Cinna tells Casca he will be first to stab Caesar, then Caesar walks in and seats himself on his high senate chair. After Caesar seats himself Metellus walks over to Caesar and begs for enfranchisement of his brother. Then I ask Caesar that thee “Publius Cimber may have an immediate freedom of repeal…

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  • The Contradiction Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    The Contradiction of Brutus Despite his primary goal to prevent Rome from falling into the hands of a dictator who would ruin Rome from the inside out, Brutus himself ironically acts like a totalitarian, tyrannical, despot. Even though Brutus meets up with the other patricians planning to kill Caesar because of his threat as a king, Brutus ironically acts like a king when he overrides the other’s ideas to enforce his own logic. When Cassius confronts him in the second scene, Brutus first reveals…

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  • Thirst For Power In Julius Caesar

    Thirst For Power In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeare's most recognized and studied works in history. Throughout the play many problems arise which cause people’s judgment to cloud, which result in flawed thinking and irrational behavior, but there are only a few influential ones. One of these problems was power.Through a myriad of Caesars followers become jealous of his power, Caesar still wanted more. The thirst for power is the biggest problem in…

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  • Brutus Loyalty In Julius Caesar

    In the play Julius Caesar, Brutus is a government official, and he has a wife named Portia. Brutus´s best friend is Caesar, he had to make the decision to either kill his best friend or have Rome suffer from a terrible king. Brutus is loyal to Caesar. Although Brutus was a part of his killing, doesn't mean he wasn't loyal to him. I believe that Brutus was just as loyal to Caesar as to any of best friends in modern days are. Brutus loved Caesar with all of his heart, but Brutus had to make the…

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  • Julius Caesar Funeral Speech Analysis

    The play “Julius Caesar” is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. This play that took place in Rome before the first century and was a about the death a man called Julius Caesar. Both Mark Antony and Marcus Brutus are at the “funeral” of Caesar moments after he was assassinated by a group of conspirators along with Brutus. During this Brutus attempts to make the crowd believe that murdering his friend Caesar was justified. After the people calmed down when Brutus spoke Mark Antony was seething about…

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  • Mark Antony's Tactics In Julius Caesar

    Antony’s Tactics In many stories or plays, a protagonist appears and has a scheming plan to let chaos erupt. In the play ”Julius Caesar,” Mark Antony ends up being a protagonist and has a plan to make the people of Rome develop a massive amount of hatred for the conspirators. Cassius, one of the conspirators, knew that it was not a good idea to let Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral, but no one listened. Antony uses Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion to convince the people of Rome, which are “…

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  • Brutus Is The Father Of The Conspiracy Analysis

    The father of revolution is not always the man responsible for the outcome. This idea is evident in William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. While the plot to assassinate Julius Caesar; the profound leader of Ancient Rome, was orchestrated by Cassius; a highly regarded senator in Rome, he is certainly not the most responsible for the tragedy of the play. This title falls instead to Brutus; a young politician and Cassius’s brother in-law, whose hubris; like that of Odysseus, resulted…

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  • Examples Of Persuasion In Julius Caesar

    Persuasion is a powerful tool that can either be used for good or bad. Having the ability to persuade any one and everyone is a talent to be afraid of. In Julius Caesar the plot revolves around a conspiracy to assassinate Caesar. One by one people are convinced to join the conspiracy by Cassius the leader of the group. Cassius is the leader of the conspiracy group against Julius Caesar. In Julius Caesar the only person who is actually seen convincing people to conspire against Caesar is…

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  • Was Brutus A Betrayer Or Patriot

    Was Brutus a betrayer or patriot? This question will cross you no matter what way you look at it. He was a patriot and stood up for what he believed in. He was cheated and lied to by Cassius just so he can get Brutus to do his dirty work. It all adds up to be honest. But then people are going to come out and say that he knew what he was doing all along and he could have stopped if he wanted or he could have went out and asked the people of Rome what they thought of their new king Caesar.To start…

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  • Brutus Caesar Research Paper

    Semester Exam Essay “I do fear the people/Choose Caesar for their king” (Shakespeare I.ii.79-80). Brutus, Caesar’s noble friend, was a marvelous, lowly, and gentle person. Additionally, he was a very respected and honest man. However, Brutus joined the conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar, due to his love for Rome, the influence of Cassius, and his intentions. Brutus observed Caesar’s growing power from popularity as repressive. The patriotism Brutus had for Rome and the sense of obligation…

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