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  • Ethical Dilemmas Of Self-Driving Cars

    When a car is out on the road, the driver has the responsibility to make moral and ethical decisions concerning not only his or her safety, but also the safety of others. Similarly, fully automatic self-driving cars would be expected to do the same. Designing self-driving cars is a difficult process as many ethical decision-making codes have to be programmed into the cars. Ethical principles have to be reviewed carefully before they are implemented into the self-driving cars so that the public approves them. Then, the accepted moral principles can be applied to design and solve ethical dilemmas of self-driving cars. As of now, existing technologies show some promising prospects of self-driving cars in the future. Widely accepted ethical principles…

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  • Philippia Foot's Theory Of Ethics And Moral Beliefs By Philippa Foot

    cause the one person to die while leaving the switch alone will mean the five people will die. The question is: what would you do? A philosopher by the name of Philippa Foot was the person who came up with this dilemma. It is famously known as the “trolley problem” and is used to test people’s moral duty and show aspects of moral judgement. Philippa Foot was a philosopher of ethics and morality and is famous for her work in these areas. Foot’s early education, philosophical beliefs,…

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  • The Trolley Problem, Proposed By Philippa Foot And Judith Jarvis Thomson: An Analysis

    Widely accepted ethical principles are key when it comes to making moral judgments. Lin (2015) explains that ethics often conflict with the laws, and rational decisions can make one take illegal actions. Gracyk (2015) writes that based on the principle of beneficence, we should take good actions. In addition, Gracyk (2015) states that the principle of non-maleficence emphasizes the idea of not harming others and minimizing the harm in events of unavoidable incidents. Ultimately, Gracyk (2015)…

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  • Functional Movement System Case Study

    home-based exercise program that was shown to improve ankle range of motion. We recommended that subject 1 follow their program of warm up, resisted plantar flexion, and passive dorsiflexion for up to six months or until the normative value for dorsiflexion is reached. In addition, another possible intervention is an ankle mobility drill. This is when the participants goes to a wall and places one foot a few inches from the wall and the other foot places behind. The participant will then touch…

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  • A Case Study Of John Shelter's Collapse

    axillary, radial, median, and ulnar nerves are intact to motor and sensory tone bilaterally. There are not skin lesions or vascular compromise. Pelvis is stable. Left lower extremity shows full range of motion at the hip, knee ankle, and foot without tenderness to palpation, neurologic compromise, or gross vascular restriction. There is no tenderness to palpation. Examination of the right lower extremity shows the patient has tenderness to palpation along the lateral thigh, especially at…

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  • 3g Bowling Shoes Essay

    Why is 3G bowling shoes are good option for bowling shoes? 3G bowling shoes are one kind of shoes those are the most stylish and comfortable. These types of bowling shoes are available along with some best features. The 3G bowling shoes line is also known as the Kangaroo series of shoes manufactured by various brands. If you wish to determine how to choose 3G bowling shoes and Where to buy just read this guidance about bowling shoes. First of all you need to know how a bowling shoe affects your…

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  • What Is This Real Relax Massage Chair

    Luraco Technologies iRobotics 7 Medical Massage Chair iRobotics 7 is one of the innovative and extensive machines that is absolutely the Best Robotic Massage Chair in the medical industry. Recline and relish a precise automatic body shape detection which qualifies you for the utmost leading 3D robotic massage on the market and gives distinguished lower back and neck massage procedures. It is the only Medical Massage Chairs in the industry to be developed and put together in the U.S.A. Features •…

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  • Radioographic Reflection Paper

    In short an examination of the bones in the thorax and foot do not require much preparation, however, since the patient was female the removal of a bra or any metal that may obstruct the anatomy in question is generally necessary. Luckily, the patient for this exam had worn a sports bra in anticipation of radiographic procedures, yet still she was verbally prepared for the exams with a brief description of the images that would be taken. Furthermore, just as the patient is prepared for a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Underlying Pain

    was a wart on my foot. I know it doesn’t sound painful but it was. Having the wart itself wasn’t bad, but getting rid of it was very painful. It only took a week but it still was horrible. It was when I was ten years old and I still have never ran into anything more painful. The wart was on the bottom of my foot. It was under the big toe on my left foot. At first it was a pencil tip sized, darker skin colored mound on my toe. It didn’t hurt when I walked on it or if I touched it. When it first…

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  • John Doe Research Paper

    or engraved jewelry, check the body for identifying marks such as unusual scars or tattoos. Also the clothing and footwear can been shown to a family member of someone that has been reported missing to see if it is a familiar clothing, footwear, jewelry that may belong to their missing loved one. This can be a start if it is a possible match then they can take DNA from the parents or a sibling to see if there is a match. Other ways of identifying a unknown victim is bloodwork, dental records and…

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