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  • Philadelphia Translocation Research Paper

    Scientists have distinguished more that 9,000 genetic disorders, some of which are exceptionally rare while others are common. One such genetic disorder is Philadelphia Translocation, a possibly terminal and relatively rare genetic disorder (fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S. per year are diagnosed). Named for the city where it was discovered, the Philadelphia chromosome is thought to be acquired after birth and is formed when two chromosomes (9 and 22) switch some of their gene material forming a new chromosome.…

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  • Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Benjamin Franklin

    was able to persuade comrades to try to escape and though he doesn’t mention his path, it can be inferred he might’ve read the safe route to New York. He had a great deal of respect for life, as he not only valued his, but everyone’s. It is seen many times in his writing, his general understanding for the way his master’s acted, and also his regard for the current slaves- his only writing enough to discover their condition, but not reveal their abilities to escape to the population. Benjamin…

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  • The Cosmopolitan Canopy Analysis

    In Elijah Anderson’s The Cosmopolitan Canopy, he delves into the diverse city of Philadelphia and observes how people of different ethnicities and backgrounds experience and interact with each other, as well as the city itself. Many areas of the city are segregated, whether it be by socioeconomic status, race, or background. However, within the city, there are many areas of harmony. Elijah Anderson calls these pockets, “cosmopolitan canopies”. A cosmopolitan canopy is viewed as public space in…

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  • Northcentral Housing Essay

    Northcentral is a area in the North Philadelphia section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name of the area is derived from its location, because Northcentral is near the center of North Philadelphia. Northcentral Philadelphia is primarily a low-income neighborhood which is plagued with poverty and crime. The neighborhood seems to have very few opportunities for its residents. However, in the last few years the neighborhood is an upcoming neighborhood with the help of Temple University for…

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  • Liberty Bell Research Paper

    The Liberty Bell is a monument of the United States of America. The most significant and recognized feature of the Liberty Bell has a crack running up the side. The Liberty Bell was ordered in celebration of the Declaration of Independence and the 50 year anniversary of Philadelphia's original Constitution. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to the Liberty Bell and will forever be its home. You really need to see the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell may be old and worn like other monuments in the…

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  • How Did Benjamin Franklin Achieve The American Dream

    “conceiv’d the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral Perfection” (534). The aspect of perfecting oneself is easier said than completed. Nevertheless, it is an important character because of the amount of opportunities to gain from learning a favorable habit or virtue. A few examples of these opportunities would be cleanliness, time efficiency, and order. Consequently, the effort it takes to achieve perfection is tough when already brought up in a different habit. Though this character is…

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  • Jhumpa Lahiri's Definition Of Language

    The definition of language is a body of words and the systems for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area, or the same cultural tradition but for me language has another meaning. For me language is the key to obtain my success. I have taken me four years to learn English and it has been worth it. Being capable to read and write in English has opened many doors into professional and personal opportunities. In Fields of Reading there are…

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  • Benjamin Franklin One Day Is Worth Two Tomorrows Analysis

    Audience: Benjamin Franklin was a man who knew how to use his words. He developed a whole list of different maxims, or sayings, that can be interpreted literally or figuratively in which people can relate to on a personal level. One of his more famous maxims is “One Day is Worth Two Tomorrows” and is personal and has several different meanings to me. I related to this maxim, because I procrastinate often, and I do not live each day to its fullest. Many days are spent watching television or…

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  • Parx Casino Case Study

    doors” ( 2016). According to the government census, Bensalem Township is approximately 22 square miles with a population of 60,427 residents with 29,500 males (48.8%) and 30,919 females (51.2%). There are 46,827 White, 5,288 Black or African American, 322 American Indian and Alaska Native, Asian 7,931, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 43, and Some other race 1,576. The township’s mayor is Joseph DiGirolamo. He was elected as Bensalem’s mayor in January of 1994 and…

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  • William Penn New World Analysis

    his new land, and in 1682 he arrived in Pennsylvania. Exploration King Charles II was in debt to William Penn’s father who had just recently passed away at the time. To owe back this debt, he gave Penn a huge area of the ‘New World’ that became soon known as Pennsylvania. The king gave Penn a charter in 1681 to begin a new colony in his new land, and a year later Penn arrived in his new colony. Penn got 45,000 square miles, which made him the world’s largest private (non-loyal) landowner.…

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