Pharyngeal flap surgery

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  • Medical Simulation Research Paper

    Medical simulation in the past According to any dictionary, simulation is defined as the representation of a process or a system. As far as medical simulation is concerned, it was utilized even in ancient times as it is revealed by the discovery of human figures made of stone and clay which are dated back to Antiquity and illustrate the clinical characteristics of some diseases. In the 17th century, legislation permitted the performance of necrotomies in order for medical students and doctors…

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  • Urodynamic Test Essay

    Urodynamic tests are crucial if the doctor is considering a surgery for the problem to ensure that there no problems occur when the operation is performed. Who should consider urodynamic tests? People with the symptoms below are the right candidates to go through urodynamic test. Incontinence or uncontrolled loss…

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  • Mandibular Paresthesia Case Studies

    To expound upon the concern listed above, IAN nerve damage, mandibular paresthesia or dysesthesia may result which may or may not resolve on its own. Additionally, the lingual nerve may be damaged causing complete or partial paresthesia of the tongue. The position of the third molars appears to play a role in the incidence of IAN injury; teeth that are impacted and horizontally positioned have a higher frequency of IAN injury. Regarding the lingual nerve, although permanent sensory deficits are…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay On Commercial Pilots And Surgeons

    Commercial Pilot vs. Surgeon Think about it, would you rather fly an airplane or perform surgery to potentially save a life? A commercial pilot or surgeon are two careers that I have researched. A commercial pilot and flying a plane is a job that I would enjoy doing, and being a surgeon performing surgery to help out people that are in need of it is another job that interests me. They are the same in the sense that they both must have very good communication skills. However, they differ in the…

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  • Paraphimosis Case Study Essay

    It would be appropriate to ask Miss Hall how long that ‘Bruce’s penis has been protruded as if he is licking at his penis and it has not retracted shorty on its own after an erection he could be suffering from a condition known as Paraphimosis, which is the inability of a male dog to retract the penis into the preputial cavity after an erection. If ‘Bruce’ does not retract his penis in a short period of time Miss Hall should bring him straight into the clinic. Question B Miss Hall has brought…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Broken Bone

    Have you ever had a broken bone? One day I went camping with my Grandpa, Grandma and my sister. We were going to go to Mt.hood. We had to make a lot of stops and one of the stops we made was at a park. We stayed there for a long time because it was really fun.I went to go on the monkey bars and when I was on them I fell and hurt my arm. My arm hurt really bad and stung and my arm was really numb. My sister was sitting down in a chair, when she saw that I was hurt she started laughing really…

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  • Nurse Anesthetist Career Paper

    The careers I have further evaluated are certified registered nurse anesthetist, anesthesiology, and dietitian. The careers will allow me to work in a hospital setting, which is where I want to be employed. I am interested in these careers because I enjoy helping people. Research included education, training, earnings, and many more. In addition to researching these careers, I have job shadowed them also. I job shadowed a certified registered nurse anesthetist at Columbus Community Hospital.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Surgery In My Life

    I had my first surgery ever during the summer of 2015. I was sitting at home in my cozy living room and a sense of pain would come across my throat as well as my ears feeling full with water. I asked my mom to look in my throat because every time I swallowed, it felt like a piece of sand paper was scrapping my throat. I remember her saying we should go to the doctor bright and early in the morning because there were white, clammy spots deep in the back of my throat that should not be there.…

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  • The Importance Of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

    Enhanced recovery after surgery is an evidence based, multimodal pathway that is designed to decrease the stress on the patient through out their surgical journey. It focuses on improving the outcome of the patient after surgery, by taking additional steps to manage the patient before, during and after surgery. The longer a patient stays in the hospital post op, there is an increase risk to become susceptible to infections in this regard, the protocol serves as a guideline used to reduce the…

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  • Death Rituals During The Elizabethan Era

    Death and burial rituals in England during the Elizabethan era were a recognized topic of importance. With the plague spreading, death was rampant resulting in the customs being unsanitary and unsympathetic. However, considering all the medical advances made throughout the years, ceremonies adapted to be a more respectable process. Modern standards of death and burial differ from those in the Elizabethan period, but they were rightfully adjusted for their current circumstances. The bubonic…

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