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  • Analysis Of No Name Woman By Maxine Hong Kingston

    For this paper, I will analyze the essay ‘No Name Woman’ written by Maxine Hong Kingston. This was a roller-coaster of a story with high emotions and dark secrets reveled throughout the essay. Kingston’s culture is known as family oriented and strict, through her essay she shares her family story and how this culture affected her family personally. Being Chinese decent, she was raised in a very strict, superstitious, tradition holding household. She goes on to explain to us, how her mother…

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  • Values Of Vietnamese Culture

    As a first generation American born in a Vietnamese family, my values are heavily influenced by both cultures. Inevitably, as an inhabitant of the United States, I am much more exposed to American culture than to Vietnamese culture. I have learned and assimilated many American values throughout my years in the public school system. Meanwhile, at home, my parents immersed and raised me in their culture. Vietnamese culture is very different from American culture, but not at all far-removed from…

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  • Figurative Language In The Woman Warrior

    great example of this when it comes to using many literary elements that explain the author 's theme. Anything the author writes in literature has a purpose and it should be accounted for no matter what. The author of the book is a Chinese woman whose name is Maxine Hong Kingston and her book is a memoir. This book is essentially about the author’s life in America and she uses elements of literature throughout her book to explain events that occurred. Kingston uses many literary elements such as…

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  • Martin Luther's 'Whether Soldiers, Too, Can Be Saved'

    “Whether Soldiers, Too, Can Be Saved” is included in volume forty-six of Luther’s Works: The Christian in Society III, edited by Helmut T. Lehmann and Robert C. Schultz. Originally published by Martin Luther on January 5th, 1527, “Whether Solders, Too, can be Saved” was written in response to a very controversial topic that is still debated to this date. The issue at hand was whether Christians could bear arms and become professional soldiers while still obtaining a pure connection with God and…

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  • Comparing Bruce Almighty And The Adjustment Bureau

    A janitor, C.E.O, or a Chairman, what is God truly? In Bruce Almighty and The Adjustment Bureau we are left wondering. We are given different depictions of God, The Adjustment Bureau, we see God as a Chairman. A mysterious figure that has a path set for people the better follow or else. Then on the flipside we have Bruce Almighty, where we see a God that is kind of tired of one of his children complaining, so he gives him the power and lets him see if he could do better. But the thing that gets…

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  • Personal Narrative: I M Moving To South Carolina

    “Hi my name is Coco, how may I help you?” Said the lady at the door. I told her my whole story about my mom passing and the note she left me. She asked for my mom's name and an estimate date when my sister was adopted. I told her Cary Lee and around 1980 was when she was adopted. She told me to give her about three days and I will call you…

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  • Yahweh In The Pentateuch: Two Name Of God

    used, by any of the children of Jacob, at least in terms of what is in the biblical record. The writer of the Pentateuch carefully avoided any mention of the name Yahweh until this Theophany insinuates the Israelites’ spiritual situation. Moses’ knowledge of one true God is also vague. The conclusion can be reached from his five objections to God until God get angry and from Moses does not circumcise his son . God appointed circumcision as the sign of the covenant in Abraham’s day (Genesis…

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  • Conflicts In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    When Waverly was born, Lindo wanted her to have an American name. So she named her Waverly. “We lived on Waverly Place” (90). From this quote you can conclude that she was named after the town she lived in. All Lindo wanted from the start was for her daughter to live a nice American life. But, when Waverly started…

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  • Why Is The Bible The Same God Of The Koran?

    It would be convenient if I could mesh together the Bible and the Koran. It would be convenient if I could say that the God of the Bible is the same God of the Koran. There would be a lot less tension on both sides for some. I simply cannot say that to be true. Through my research on both sides I am convinced that the God of the Bible is not the same God of the Koran. People have worshipped gods since human existence began, but to say that Allah is the same God as Yahweh Elohim of the Bible is…

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  • Summary Of Mrs. Spring Fragrance

    In many instances throughout the short story “Wisdom of the New” readers could imagine Mrs. Spring Fragrance getting involved in the development of the story. For instance, Mrs. Spring Fragrance could be added to the story shortly after Pau Lin and Yen arrive in America. Pau Lin is frightened of her family’s future in this new country and is unsure how to act and respond to situations. If Mrs. Spring Fragrance were to talk to Pau Lin during this time, she would try to make her feel less…

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