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  • Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine Character Quotes

    journey. Fortunately, Jasmine encounter confrontation that shifts her identity in different directions of her life. Instead of rejecting these names that are given to her by various individuals, she seeks to create a harmonious relationship with those identities. Thus, Mukerjee makes this novel worth reading by drawing the audience to realize that each name is a different persona that Jasmine is experiencing and the change of environment to teach Jasmine about who she is as a woman. Finally,…

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  • My Search Essay

    The Story of My Search As I began planning for the name research paper my English teacher gave me, I was not exactly sure what I would get out of it. The topic of the essay didn’t exactly speak to me because I already knew how I got my name and the meanings of it, so I did not know if I would learn something new. But as I began to research the meanings of my names, I realized that there is a lot more to a person’s name. In the first week of our research, we went to the library, and I used…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Name Alyssum

    My Name My name comes from a flower. Not a Rose, not a Lily, but an Alyssum. An Alyssum flower, like me, is small, cute and usually used to complement other bigger flowers. I have always been in the background, never really stood out, and the only time I’m usually recognized is when people say I’m cute. The Alyssum flowers name comes from Greek origins meaning “sanity” and was formally thought to cure skin diseases. Going through my life and figuring out who I am has made me realize that I…

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  • Women's Last Names

    Preferences for First and Last Names”, was a psychological research study done by Pacific Lutheran University. The premise was to first determine the favorability of men and women’s first name and also their last name. They wanted to measure how connected men were with their first names and how well women were with their first names. As they predicted, the results came out almost evenly across the participants measured in the United States giving testament that your first name was a huge part of…

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  • Personal Narrative: When My Name Was Keoko

    together in some sort of timeline? Unknown to me at the time, the root of my struggles was in fact the lack of personal experiences that could enable me to relate to history of any sort. I was only able to get out of this muddled hole of misunderstandings in 6th grade, when the true significance of my family’s story was unveiled to me. The book we were reading in 6th grade, When My Name was Keoko, was a fictional account of a sister and brother living in Korea under Japanese occupation. Its…

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  • Jon In Persuasion Nation Analysis

    “jon” from In Persuasion Nation by George Saunders, there is a wide range of institutional as well as social implications that affect Jon’s mindset. Living in a homogenous society with little individuality, Jon encounters a predicament in which his personal interests conflict with those of the marketing facility’s. He conceives a child with Carolyn despite not being aware of what to do once the child was born. Once Carolyn expresses her unyielding desire to leave for the sake of her child, Jon…

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  • Case Study Business In Vietnam

    How To Successfully Do Business in Vietnam PROBLEM This report was made to analyze the business environment, business practices, and the business etiquette of the country of Vietnam. This report intends on answering the following questions: 1) What is the business environment in Vietnam like? 2) The common business practices in Vietnam businesses? 3) What is considered proper business etiquette in Vietnam is? BACKGROUND Innovated Global Management commissioned this study and report…

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  • Family Heritage

    sought after fad to gain knowledge of ones heritage. There are several info-commercials encouraging the benefits of searching out heritage. Gaining Knowledge of the history of ones family can provide a recollection of family history (genealogy), personal history, life advice, medical history and past career paths of ones ancestors. Heritage is valued by many cultures. To recognize and honor the past traditions of our ancestors is a tradition in itself that is passed down from generation to…

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  • School And Work-Related Activities Case Study

    the Internet has helped me obtain greater insight about the world in which we live. Further, it has been a source for helping me to save money in acquiring all types of products and services for work and school, many of which were also useful for personal pursuits. For example, research I conducted for how to make presentations for work also helped me with preparing and presenting topics for teaching various classes in Bible School. The Internet has also proved to be a very good method for…

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  • Shooting Case Studies

    of sight. Doe described the suspect as a male Black, approximately 20 years of age, wearing a white T-shirt and either blue or grey jeans. Doe would not be able to recognized the suspect if seen again. Doe did not want to provide me with his name or personal information because he believes the suspect and his friends will retaliate against…

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