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  • Vinl Record Materials: Shellac

    Vinyl Record Materials Shellac Materials devoted to make records have changed and evolved several times over the years. The earliest disc records produced between 1889-1894 were made of various materials including wax and rubber. Shortly after, a shellac based compound had been experimented with leading to it becoming the standard material. Each manufactures exact formula varied, but records were typically made using cardboard and fiber which were coated with a shellac (wax) resin. These shellac…

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  • Analysis Of Antigone: The Unwritten Law

    “What law, you ask, do I satisfy with what I say?”—The Unwritten Law The title heroine’s famous defense speech in lines 995-1005 of Antigone has prompted the view that the play is extremely enigmatic. It is a passage that has been read with astonishment and demands detailed explanation. In her speech, Antigone provides what appears to be a reason for her burying her brother Polynices against the orders of her uncle and King, Creon. Antigone claims, however, that she would not have deliberately…

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  • Dame Dash Biography

    Dame Dash, also known as Damon Dash is a record producer, music executive, and entrepreneur whose net worth is -$2 million. His rise and fall His rise Roc-A-Fella Records Dame co-founded the music label Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay Z. The label became popular and Dame’s net worth at one time was $50 million. He was the CEO in the late 90s and early 2000s. The most popular artists had signed into the label, ranging from Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Juelz Santana, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, to DJ Clue.…

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  • The Outsiders Comparison Essay

    boys have contrasting points of view and criminal records. Thus, Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have vast differences, but have compelling similarities. Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have very compelling similarities which one is that they both care about each other deeply. For instance, Johnny admires Dally and wants to be like him. Johnny thinks of him as the big brother he never had. Ponyboy thinks, “I realized…

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  • Rock And Roll Aficionados Influence On American Pop Culture

    lasting effect on losing artists such as Buddy Holly, Little Richard, and Elvis, along with the problems in the personal lives of Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, on American Pop Culture was that the music that was put out was no longer driven, or controlled, by these big rock ‘n’ roll stars, or the smaller independent producers who helped promote the music. The larger mainstream record companies who disliked and distrusted rock ‘n’ roll instead produced and sold music that was bland and…

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  • Becoming A Music Producer Essay

    advanced things from professionals. This career is the best fit for me because I tried making a beat of my own and I really enjoyed it. At my old school there was a program offered after school and I was involved in it. We would make our own sound, record them and put them together on the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Streaming

    To Stream or Not to Stream Streaming is the biggest breakthroughs in music history, streaming has revolutionized music as we know it. So in the 21st century why are artist not allowing their songs to be streamed and making us take a step back to the past? Streaming has become the norm when it comes to listening to our favorite songs, buying songs from a music store is silly and unheard of especially now days when you can stream the music we want for free, in fact America alone has streamed over…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Fall Of Antarctica

    The fall.. I woke up one day to find myself getting chilled, I opened my eyes, the bright light tingled them. I found tones of snow all around. The gusty wind was really scary, killing me with its chillness. I stood up roamed some steps. It seemed like I was on one of the glaciers in some part in Antarctica...puzzled...I moved on, From a distant I saw a full grownup but lean and thin polar bear on the edge, her kids were playing around her in warmth love of their mother. Leaving the occasional…

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  • Future Of Health Care

    The Past and the Future of Health Care Peter Drucker once said, “The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different”. The health care field will always be changing. Some changes are due to the considerable amount of new technology, the older population, and the health care reform. Most doctors are trying their utmost to evolve with the changes that keep coming in health care. The United States is trying to make the health care field more efficient and enhance patient care…

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  • Meaningful Use Case Studies

    Introduction: Family Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) network that is currently serving over 80,000 patients at its 26 practices in New York. They are mainly involved in providing care services along with behavioral health, dental, women’s health and other special care. In short, it provides a one-stop shopping which is tailored and coordinated as per the needs of the patients. One of their mission is to provide care to medically deprived and vulnerable society. Mainly,…

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