Personal Fitness Goals Essay

  • Personal Fitness Training History

    History Fitness training dated all the way back to the ancient Greeks who trained athletes for the Olympic Games which was originally started in 776 B.C. Although, personal training as a career did not start until the 1900’s by a man people called the “Father of Modern Fitness” named Jack Lalanne. Lalanne motivated many Americans through his television show and at his local gyms, Bally Gyms, to be involved in daily exercise as preventative medicine. Eighty years later personal training became very popular. The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) did not create the first certification until 1996. “The value of fitness and having a fitness leader to drive you toward your goals is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. However, its modern popularity is a part of society that you can see throughout history.”(Michael Gauthier). In the 70’s the majority of the population was in better health, physically, than people today. In the past you didn 't see many vehicles or fast food restaurants. The outlook of personal training has increased by twenty four percent since 2010. Personal training is a growing and competitive profession and will always be a part of American culture. Assumptions Honestly, I believed that personal fitness trainers got paid to work out all day and demand almost impossible workouts to their clients. On top of this, society and media (myself included) have portrayed personal trainers as “sculpted, empty-headed…

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  • Example Of A Personal Trainer

    A personal trainer, whether a full time or part time trainer. They work diligently to help clients achieve success.Personal trainers can teach cycling, weightlifting, kettlebell work and any other exercise. A personal trainer is a fitness professional who motivates and helps set goals as well as guides clients to their goals. A trainer will measure the client 's strength and goals, improving on both. The trainer will help the client through a strict fitness regimen of resistance, cardio and…

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  • Analysis Of Let's Move Fitness

    The Let’s Move Fitness will be a thriving mobile fitness center in the Leesburg VA area. Majority of our members will fall within the ages of 24 – 60 years old. They will be from all walks of life but the primary target will be single or married professionals who have a private home gym, but do not have the time to exercise or needs the encouragement of a professional to assist them in achieving their fitness goals. Membership cost will vary depending on the needs of the customer. On average,…

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  • My Future In The Fitness Industry Essay

    Future in the Fitness Industry When I was growing up, I always seemed to be the overweight kid in every class. My parents never really showed me how to eat properly or exercise. When I was 21 years old I finally wanted to do something about it when I was trying to go into the military. I had a goal, a goal of 60 pounds to lose before they would accept me. My life has always been an up and down rollercoaster for my weight, and until I met my husband four years ago he helped me find my confidence…

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  • Fitness First Case Study

    This essay will be examining how Fitness First uses marketing, finance and human resource management to continually be an effective and sustainable sports organisation. Fitness First is the largest gym, health and fitness group in the world with more than 1.5 million members and over 550 fitness clubs. (, 2009) The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as “…the management process which identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently…

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  • Personal Trainer Research Paper

    has created a demand for personal trainers. Personal trainers are like someone’s own personal coach; they help guide and teach an individual to reach certain fitness goals that they aspire to achieve. This can be done either one-on-one or in a group setting depending on the preference of the subject and coach. Personal Trainers help guide and educate clients through exercise instruction, exercise demonstration, diet recommendations and fitness consolations. Personal trainers typically become…

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  • Creating A Personal Fitness Program Essay

    Final Project – Creating a Personal Fitness Program It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be well and achieve your fitness goals. But where there is a will, there is a way. If you are willing, the first thing you have to do is prepare and set yourself up for success. I am excited to have the opportunity to do just that by creating this personal fitness program and pursuing a healthier lifestyle. In order to be an effective fitness program, it must include a cardiorespiratory…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Training

    When people think about the profession of personal training, they tend to think the most important aspect of the job is to be knowledgeable about how the body works and how to exercise properly. Though this is a crucial factor in personal training, it is actually not the most important. The most important key to being a successful personal trainer is having outstanding communication skills. As a personal trainer, the main objective is to motivate your clients. How can one motivate though,…

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  • The Obesity-Hunger Paradox By Sam Dolnick

    When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it is a personal choice. When one says, “I do not have the money to eat healthily”, that is an excuse to eat unhealthily. There are many opportunities to buy healthy food for a discounted or reduced price at numerous stores and farmer’s markets. There are people who work numerous jobs and have difficulties getting to the store, but it is all about time management and perseverance to live a healthy lifestyle. Setting plans and goals, allowing…

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  • The Importance Of Creating A Fitness Program

    When designing a fitness program for myself I had to go back and review my Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire or PAR-Q to ensure that there had been no changes medically that would limit my physical abilities. The PAR-Q reveled no limitations, so while developing my fitness program I focused on cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance, flexibility, and most of all nutrition. After determining what I wanted the program to focus on, I then determined that goals for each component of the…

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