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  • Personal Care Products Safety Act

    that can be linked to the chemicals that are placed in their personal care products and cosmetics. Little has been done for putting regulations on these chemicals being placed in personal care products until recently with the Personal Care Products Safety Act. The chemicals that are being put into cosmetics are affecting every person who uses any type of personal care product without that person even knowing it. Since the “1938 Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act” (Dahl) the FDA has not set any regulations on the chemicals that can be used in cosmetics. According to the FDA only eleven chemicals have…

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  • The Importance Of Individual Hygiene In Personal Care Products

    Many people believe that maintaining individual hygiene in the morning is crucial for various reasons including personal, social, health, psychological or mainly keeping a regular routine. In addition, people feel that grooming is a decent approach to show great self-perception to other people since self-perception associates with self-regard, confidence and inspiration. To do the individual hygiene and grooming will need to use a lot of personal care products, such as, shampoos, hair…

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  • Personal Care Executive Summary

    The U.S. personal care and cosmetics market represents enormous opportunity. According to industry marketing consulting firm, The Beauty Company (2012), the industry surpassed pre-recession sales levels to grow to over $38 billion in 2011. Some additional facts the firm notes about the market: • The average U.S. consumer spent $616 on personal care in 2008 • Women aged 16-65 shop for beauty products 5 times per year on average, spending an average of $43 each time. • Households earning $75K+…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Personal Care Assistant

    As I entered my senior year of undergrad, I began looking for an opportunity to work with people requiring any form of health care assistance. Luckily, I came across an opening for a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) position in the school newspaper. At the time, I didn’t know exactly what a PCA was, but I knew I wanted to work one-on-one with patients, and this job would allow me to do exactly that. After I went through all the training that was required, it was finally time to meet my client. The…

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  • Personal Beliefs In Health Care

    or groups of individuals and how personal beliefs and values may, often subconsciously, play a role in healthcare-provider decisions is often not taken into consideration by the general public. Furthermore, there are numerous levels of healthcare providers in the United States, each with specific skill-sets,…

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  • Nursing Care: A Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

    hospitals being built and strangers caring for strangers in these facilities. The hospitals run by religious nurses gave the highest quality of care while the other hospitals could not compare (Jean Whelan, 2016). This transition in care makes a personal philosophy with a high level of integrity of how to treat others, vital to a patient’s improvement. We all have different personalities due to upbringing, our beliefs and life experiences (Masters, 2014). When we treat others with…

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  • Case Study: Edgewell Personal Care

    I have been employed at Edgewell Personal Care, a division of Playtex Products, Inc. for over seventeen years. Our manufacturing facility is located in Dover, Delaware. My employment here has always been working in the Quality department where I manage the Device History Records department. A department that reviews, approves and manages all documents from the manufacturing floor. The manager that has given me guidance and advice during my career is Norman Hahn. Norma has many processes that he…

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  • Personal Code Of Ethics In The Health Care Industry

    Personal Code of Ethics If I were in the health care industry and I happened to be an administrator, my personal mission statement would be to participate in the improvement of health, safety, and the well-being of patients to the best of my capabilities. To achieve this objective, it demands a high degree of alertness and the institution of appropriate action with respect to any incidences of incompetency, illicit, inappropriate, or unethical practice by members of the team providing health…

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  • Essay On Personal Qualities To Be A Good Health Care Worker

    What personal qualities and practical experiences will make you a good health care worker? To be a patient is to be vulnerable, to trust, to need, to suffer and to worry. I know from experience. My mother ankylosing spondylitis and has had three joint replacements. I have had four rounds of physical therapy myself. I know what it is like to be the patient, and to have a loved one receive care. These experiences, in part, informed my decision to become a physical therapist. When providing…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Childhood Memories Of Foster Care

    When I was five years old I went into foster care. In the course of about a year I had been through about four different homes. It was a hard time especially at such a young age. I often think back to the time and see how my life has changed so much from it. My brother was only three at the time so he doesn’t have much memory of it, however I do. I have vivid memories of the house I lived in and some of the things that happened in it. I remember the multiple houses I went through and the things…

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