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  • The Nature Of Independence In The Purple Jar By Maria Edgeworth

    During the period that Maria Edgeworth wrote her short stories including the “The Purple Jar,” there was a lot of violence and political unrest in Ireland. Ireland had just lived through an uprising and were forced to live under the rule of the British Parliament, through the Act of the Union. One of the themes that are presented in “The Purple Jar” is the nature of growing up. The narrator highlights the importance between a mother and daughter relationship, as the daughter is growing up to be…

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  • Comparison Of Hercules And Cerberus

    Throughout the ever changing history of mankind, one thing remained the same: storytelling. From paintings on a wall to stories told in the tavern, people have always enjoyed a good story. One medium of storytelling is from mythology, Tales written by authors who could have experienced the events. However like people there will always be some different interpretations that changes the story completely. An example of this is the tale of the demigod Hercules and his encounter with the dangerous…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Hero's Death

    could not see me because of this [Hit Helmet], my helmet of invisibility. My gaze fell upon her, and I knew she must be mine. Her insolent mother, Demeter, refused her hand in my marriage. So I did what any sensible god would have done, I abducted Persephone, and took her to my realm. In response, my idiot sister stopped all tending to the Earth, I was totally okay with this, and a growth of death-riddled plagues came. There was a huge influx in the underworld population, but then Zeus had to…

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  • Feminism In The Penelopiad

    Greek mythology although based in ancient times is still prevalent today. Many themes that appear in myths are still maintained in modern adaptations. Homer’s Greek epic, The Odyssey gets a fresh perspective in Margret Atwood’s novel The Penelopiad. Taking place during the same timeline of Odysseus’s long journey home, The Penelopiad brings to life the perspective of his wife, Penelope. Penelope who is miserable and longing her husband’s return has to take care of kingdom he left behind on her…

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  • Examples Of Allusions In Pandora's Box

    Classical and Greek Mythology Allusions Pandora’s Box Who? Zeus, Pandora, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Hephaistos What? Zeus was mad at Prometheus and because people tricked him. Zeus eventually got back at the people by telling Hephaistos to make a beautiful woman whom he names Pandora. Zeus sent Pandora to earth. Zeus thought Epimetheus should marry Pandora. Zeus sent Pandora with a small box with a lock on it. She couldn’t open the box because Epimetheus had the key. Pandora really wanted to…

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  • King Phineus And The Drought In The City Of Corinth

    Once upon a time, in the city of Corinth, there lived a king named Phineus and all of his people. The people were struggling to survive in the dry climate due to a recent drought that Hera had brought to the city as a result of Zeus having relations with one of the citizens. Initially the citizens of Corinth started praying to Poseidon the god of the sea in hopes that he would bring rain to their city; however, Poseidon refused because he was still upset that Medusa had been killed. Therefore…

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  • The Influence Of Ancient Greek Mythology

    “Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed” (Riordan, ) We all know what life is like today and how our beliefs impact us, but in order to fully understand how we have gotten to here, we need to understand our origins and how we got here. In turn, we need to examine the myths and legends of our ancestors. The ancient Greeks are a great example of how we were able to exceed expectations. The Greeks believed in many gods…

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  • The Representation Of Women In The Odyssey By Homer

    and Xenia (hospitality). When Odysseus and his crew needed to leave to get back home, Circe was still helpful. “‘You must travel down to the House of Death and the awesome one, Persephone, there to consult the ghost of Tiresias, seer of Thebes, the great blind prophet whose mind remains unshaken. Even in death—Persephone has given him wisdom, everlasting vision to him and him alone …’” (Homer, 245, 539-545) This shows despite her original wickedness, she does try to help Odysseus and his crew…

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  • The Monsters And Villains In Homer's The Odyssey

    Many of the monsters and villains that Odysseus and his men face on their journey to Ithaca are fairly one dimensional in their presentation. For understandable reasons, many of the original storytellers would not have had the time or inclination to explain the motivations of every antagonist, particularly those that appeared for a single chapter. However, many legends regarding these characters exist outside of the main storyline. Some of these tales may have existed before the advent of The…

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  • Zeus's Family: The Ancient Greek Myth

    Poseidon also is associated with horses and bulls. Earthquakes are said to be due to Poseidon as a giant bull (181-182). Hades rules he underworld. He is the polar opposite of Zeus. He is not evil and doesn 't control death. He rules with his queen, Persephone. He wears an invisible…

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