Peloponnesian War

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  • Xenophon's Hatred Toward Athens And Athenian Democracy

    hearing of the executions of many Athenian generals for which he expressed great sympathy for in his History of Greece. After biding his time in Athens during the third phase of the Peloponnesian War and likely serving in the cavalry during that time, in 401 BC, after the end of the War, Xenophon acquired a “taste for war…

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  • Thucydides Vs Socrates Analysis

    The idea of right and wrong have been something of question throughout the span of time. If I do this am I a bad person? What if no one saw me? Ethics gives us codes in which we use to give morality to our lives. In reading about Thucydides and Plato we see that, while both highly regarded philosophers, the methods they use to teach are vastly different. Thucydides preferred an empirical style in the way that he chose to approach his studies of human nature and believes that justice is…

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  • Golden Age Of Athens Dbq Essay

    Mahaa Ayub Introduction: The Persian Wars had just ended, and Athens had surprisingly come out on top. After the alliance between Athens and Sparta broke, Athens decided to create a new alliance, known as the Delian League, which helped the city’s wealth and empire during this time. The Golden Age of Athens is referring to the period where art and skills in the city were at their peak. Now at peace, Athens cultivated its city into its peak of cultural achievements. Pericles created an…

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  • Pericles: A Fearless Leader

    Athenian naval forces, reinforced arrangements abroad, and improved the defenses of Athens. Pericles also led the Delian League to form the Athenian empire. At the same time he was guiding his soldiers during the first two years of the Peloponnesian Wars. The outcome of the wars was a great success. "Pericles, because of his position, his intelligence, and his known integrity, could respect the liberty of the people and at the same time hold them in check. It was he who led them, rather than…

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  • Athenian Democracy: A Comparative Analysis

    ambition was the loss of the alliances that had helped repel the Persians and in some cases their subjugation (Brand, n.d., p.28). National unity of purpose was replaced by resentment, and serious conflict with Sparta emerged. The three-decade Peloponnesian Wars eventuated (431-404 BCE), and Athenian democracy was replaced and reinstated at intervals during the ebbs and…

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  • The Guilty: The Trial Of Socrates

    Socrates. Socrates’ first offense is the corruption of the youth in Athenian culture. Socrates is guilty on this offense because of the way he treated and “taught” the young men. He told them to dress as Spartans and go against Athens at a time of war. His students, “... acted as if they were drunk…” (Nardo 9) He is explaining the effects that Socrates has had on his students and that they will do most anything he does. When Socrates does these things the…

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  • Thucydides Role In The Sicilian Expedition

    event would only weaken the empire further. To become the strongest Polis, these individual states and people began their attempts to mislead and deceive one another in order to . These actions of deception and misinformation changed the course of the war, making this the prominent theme of the Sicilian Expedition. What ultimately led to the Sicilian Expedition and the eventual series of deceptions between the…

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  • The Role Of Socrates In Plato's Republic

    these individuals and subsequently compare and contrast these viewpoints. The Unified Nation of Greece that is present today is a relatively new creation. For much of it’s past it compromised of alliances and warring cities. One of these wars was the Peloponnesian war. “The immediate causes…

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  • Key Features Of Athenian Democracy Essay

    society worked. On the other hand we do know who is responsible for making us be able to read the speech over and over again and read more about Ancient Greece and that person is Thucydides. Thucydides is the author of the book The history of the Peloponnesian war. This book contains a big part of Ancient greece history but also Pericles speech, although cameras and recorders did not exist during that time one can not be entirely sure if Thucydides have written the speech down word for word or…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Antigone And Oedipus

    He claims to favour the interests of the city over all but then shows his true colours by both acting and ranting like a tyrant. Antigone is steadfast and determined in her aim - she fully believes that the rule of god must take precedence in this matter regarding death, as well as revealing her belief that it is the family that is more important than the state. In contrast, it is Oedipus’ desire to serve his adopted city, and to release it from its’ suffering, that propels him toward the awful…

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