Peloponnesian War

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  • Antigone's Play Analysis

    Historically speaking the play Antigone was always a form of propaganda against Thebes. The Athenians at the time were encouraged to demonstrate against Thebes’s culture i. On one hand Sophocles’ plays can be described as a cultural protests against the tyranny of the Theban government; And on another they can be considered as Sophocles weapons of choice as a deviation from the Theban style of writing and creating a new identity to the Athenian plays .He achieves this by radically changing the…

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  • Global Marketing Case Study: Black Diamond Products In Greece

    Global Marketing Assignment Name of the company: Black diamond Sector of dealings: Sports equipment Selected country: Greece 1. Critical analysis and evaluation of company based on PESTLE: Black diamond is a sports equipment manufacturing company. If it is going to launch and introduce its products in Greece then there are a lot of factors which are going to affect all that. These factors include political, economical, sociological, technological, legal and environmental ones. Greece has an…

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  • Kalogritsas Case Study

    Roundup The chief of the Greek fire department, G. Karatzias, submitted his resignation, following his disagreements with the political leadership. New Democracy: The tender for the broadcasting licenses has collapsed political, legally and morally. The tender organizing committee has been exposed to great responsibilities, because it did not ensure the effective control of the asset acquisition records of the bidders and the non-existing guarantees of Kalogritsas. The central Jewish council…

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  • The Persian Wars Between The Greeks And The Persian Empire

    The Persian Wars between the Greeks and the Persians of the Achaemenid Empire at the beginning of the fifth century BC. They are triggered by the revolt of the Asian Greek cities against the Persian domination, the intervention of Athens in their favor causing retaliation. The two military expeditions of the Achaemenid sovereigns Darius I and Xerxes I constitute the main military episodes of this conflict; they are concluded by the spectacular victory of the European Greek cities led by Athens…

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  • The War In Herodotus's Way Of War

    Herodotus Histories presents the large scale war between the ancient Greek and the ancient Persia. The book points out two main forms of governments, a democratic government like Athens, and a monarchical government like Persia. Even though, there are many pro and cons about the two forms of government systems in the book, Greek still won the war despite the huge military power disadvantage against the Persia. Clearly, the Greek’s way of life is more effective at war than Persia’s. In ancient…

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  • Peisistratus Power

    Herodotus in the The Histories Book V, claims,“There is nothing in the whole world so unjust, nothing so bloody, as a tyranny” Greece, in 500 BC was under the rule of one such tyrant, Pisistratus. In order to stay in power, tyrants of ancient Greece created a prosperous society which would please its citizens. Tyrants created a prosperous society by establishing worldly order, redistributing power to the middle class and creating a unified society. To start, tyrants in Athens created relations…

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  • Groupthink In Ancient Greek History

    aspect of Modern Greek history that changed not only its borders, but also the population characteristics of certain areas. Asia Minor was a territory in the east side of the former Ottoman Empire (modern Turkey).After the outcome of the First World War that area was given to Greece for five years while after this period a referendum would decide the political future of the area. Greek politicians…

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  • Mytilenian Debate Analysis

    Mytilenians believing that the Athens would eventually take over their country and their rights and decided to attack first. The Mytilenians knowing that they would not be able to win against the Athens without help, sought aid from the Peloponnesian. However, the war began far before the Mytilenian were ready and were required…

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  • How Does War Affect Ancient Greek Life

    War was commonplace in ancient Greek culture. Though there were many friendly alliances and long periods of peace amongst neighboring cities and countries, City-sieges, civil wars, and large-scale battles were frequent. Many resources and lives were lost, but the rewards of victory outweighed that of what was squandered, making war a practical conclusion. This paper will explore the balance of combat with everyday Greek life, focusing on the compromise of war and its effects on civilian living…

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  • Compare And Contrast Herodotus And Thucydides

    Greek historians credited for documenting history. Not only are Herodotus and Thucydides credited for writing the first accounts of ancient Greek history, but they each shaped the future of historical writing in their own unique ways. The Peloponnesian and Persian wars were both important conflicts that focused on independence. Herodotus earned the designation “The Father of History” because before his writings, the Greeks had no word for history in terms of writing a narration of past events…

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