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  • Essay On Party Platform

    A party platform is a formal presentation of that party’s positions on major/pressing issues, principles, and overall objectives and goals. The main purpose of the platform is to gather the attention of the public to gain their support about the topics that are of concern to them, which is important because it helps give a clear political view during their campaign. How it works for the presidential platforms is that a national convention is held to nominate a presidential and vice presidential…

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  • Origins Of The Republican Party

    The Republican Party is one of the two major parties, the other being the Democratic Party. It is a party whose core values and interest have drastically changed over time. Although the party is younger than the Democratic Party it chooses to be called the Grand Old Party or GOP. Its main supporters are white voters, it’s against big government and is associated with conservative social policies. The party fights for the idea of laissez-faire, private business and it opposes the welfare state.…

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  • Political Party Activism

    While individuals from in each political party hold polarizing opinions, the most polarizing individuals in each party would be party activists. What is a party activist? In a Political Behavior article, Edward Carmine and James Woods write, “political activists are a heterogenous group and include delegates to the nominating conventions, those citizens heavily involved in campaign activities, major financial contributors to political parties,” (364). Activism is action taken for a cause that…

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  • Political Party Essay

    what political party they are sided with. With this in mind, what is a political party and how to they affect the country. According to Collins Dictionary, a political party is an organization of people who share the same views about the way power should be used in a country or society. In the United States, the two major political parties that have the majority of the positions in the government are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The choice of what political party people side…

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  • Liberal Party Structure

    key role in the replacing of the Liberal party with Labour it could be said that structure worked more as a catalyst while agency played a direct part in the replacement of the Liberal party; it could be argued “structure and agency [cannot] be divorced” (McHugh, 2001, p.6). While values giving way to class and an electorate tripling in size does create some convincing arguments that structure is the best explanation for Labour replacing the Liberal party as the main opposition to the…

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  • Importance Of Organising The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Party

    Organising the Ultimate Christmas Dinner Party is far from easy, but it can become a smoother process by following some useful tips. Make a To-do List. Several days before the event kicks off, take some time to think of all the things you need to make, buy, organise and create in order for the party to run smoothly. From comprising the menu to figuring out all the details of the decorations you need to put a lot of thought and much planning into the things that need to be done. Jot them down…

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  • Political Parties Advantages

    Political parties are not useful to have at a local government level. Local government exist to provide services and protect property, they are not designed to decide major social policies. If Nanaimo were to be given the task of deciding if our central bank were to go back to using the gold standard to attempt to reduce inflation for the betterment of the poor or other decisions along those lines then it would be useful to elect a party has defined political leanings. Since no city would, and…

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  • Parties In American Politics

    Parties were destined to play a central role in American politics ever since the introduction of representative democracy in the United States after the establishment of the US constitution in 1788. The founding fathers of American agreed that direct democracy would be detrimental to US society. James Madison wrote in the the Federalist papers 10 that direct democracy would create the tyranny of the majority, whereby political decisions would favor the majority and disregard the interests of the…

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  • Populist Party Analysis

    The Populist Party usually consisted of middle-class farmers who wanted change from the government. They believed that government should be more involved in society, whereas political parties before embraced a Laissez Faire government. They called themselves the people’s party; which was fitting considering their demands for reform. They called for an 8-hour work day, secret ballots, a direct vote for the legislature, thought the government should own and operate the railroads, and many other…

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  • Advantages Of Third Parties

    Third Parties is a necessary part of the political system. Without third parties there would be very little diversity and ability to change political group. In addition, some optimal solutions may be covered up. Finally, it also decreases citizen involvement because people are less likely to affiliate with one of only two parties. Third parties are an essential part of the american political system, in order to come to an optimal solution in farthing the progress of the country. Diversity is a…

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