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  • Genetic Discrimination In Health Care

    Race and ethnicity has little effect of genetic makeup, but it has a great effect on the level of care that an individual receives. There are many studies indicating that minority groups receive more expensive and lower quality health care. Some studies take a look at whether the site of care affects the quality of care among minority groups and how different lifestyle factors could also influence health. Using race in the health care system creates unnecessary discrimination. This…

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  • Anti Vaccination Research Paper

    Rosa Cruz Professor Dominguez English 103 6/December/2015 Making a difference one shot at a time. Through the years there have been various discoveries that have changed the medical field. Vaccinations happen to be one of the most important discoveries in history.Vaccinations have been around since the 1700’s and have change human life since. Though in recent years, parents have been refusing to vaccinate their children. Many parents believe that vaccinations have long term…

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  • Sexually Transmitted Disease And Women Essay

    STDs in Women verses Men Sexually Transmitted Disease affects women and men differently due to various reasons. The first reason that has been noted are the differences in women and men’s reproductive organ systems the lining of a women’s vagina is thinner and more delicate than the skin that is covering the male penis which makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to penetrate into the body. The vagina of a women is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow because it is a moist…

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  • Teenage Pregnancy In Adolescents

    I. Introduction a. Adolescents who engage in sexual activity place themselves at risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) or unplanned pregnancies. b. Many teenagers and adolescents are misled or hold fabricated beliefs concerning STD and teenage pregnancy. By every measure, adolescent sexual behavior is harmful to the well-being of all involved. c. Each year, one in every 20 adolescents and young adults will develop a new STD (Department of Reproductive Health and Research, 2007). d. The…

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  • How Important Are Pride Events To The LGBT Community: Article Analysis

    also mentions topics that LGBT try to avoid such as sexually transmitted diseases, immunization and cancer. According to the source, “a patient’s risk of STD infection such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis A or B virus, HIV, syphilis, human papillomavirus, or herpes simplex virus varies dramatically, depending upon the number of partners, safer sex practices including barrier protection, and specific sexual practices. Asymptomatic patient screening for STDs in the emergency care setting is not…

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  • High School Vaccines

    Vaccines As a child, one looks to their parents in admiration and, for the most part, follows what they say. Now, as a parent, they have a great deal of control on their child’s life. If a parent is unhappy with an influence in their child’s life they simply pull them away. However, a parent still must give their child certain needs in order to be seen as fit. For example, a parent needs to be able to feed and clothe them, send them to school, and make sure they receive medical care like…

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  • Abstinence Of Sexual Education In Public Schools

    Where do babies come from? Many parents say the typical stork or otherwise, but what happens in a couple years when their child is genuinely curious? Can parents and guardians rely on public school to offer quality sexual education? Most of the sex ed programs in schools today provide ambiguous, often overlooked and varied sexual education. Sexual education in the United States has many problems regarding standardization and content that can be dealt with by passing federal laws and providing…

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  • Case Study Of Ag's Ethical Dilemma

    Physicians objective is to find a legal team, preferably within the HCO that could examine the legislators of the AG’s decision. Furthermore, the LMH ethics committee prefers to find an on-staff volunteer lawyer with clinical experience. Ultimately, all ethics committee members unanimously convey that they want to change to happen. The question remains how community involvement in addressing the issue shall be the most effective. The topic of DNR is necessary for the elderly with chronic illness…

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  • Open Relationships With Children Essay

    Parents who communicate with their children tend to have a more open relationship with their child. Many teenagers wish their parents would have talked to them about sex before making the decision to lose virginity. Researchers have found kids who have been educated about sex from their parents have had healthier relationships than kids who were not. Also, researchers have found that kids feel like they are more self-assured. In the article, "Talking to your kids about sex" it stated, "Parents…

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  • Should There Be Mandatory Vaccination?

    receive this vaccine can be fatal. Two other ingredients that have the possibility to cause allergic reactions in vaccine recipients are yeast proteins and gelatin. Yeast proteins can be found in “both the hepatitis B vaccine and one of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines,” and gelatin is “used in vaccines as a stabilizing agent” (Offit and Moser 72-73). Scientists still debate whether bread allergies are related to side effects that occur in patients who have received vaccines that contain…

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