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  • Pantheon Vs Parthenon Research Paper

    At first glance, the Pantheon and the Parthenon share enough similarities to give the impression that they were created in the same city or in the same era, however there are also many distinguishing features to both. There are enough differences in fact to warrant further examination into the history and architecture of these two iconic buildings. In order to do so, we'll look at the design of both the Pantheon and Parthenon's columns and capitals, builders, usage, architectural systems, and…

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  • How Did The Parthenon Influence The Pantheon

    housing a statue of Athena and the smaller, inner room used as a treasury. While the Parthenon was built in celebration of a single god[dess], the Pantheon in Rome was built to honor all the Roman gods. Built several centuries after the Parthenon, the Pantheon was initially built as part of a complex that would house baths, a basilica and the Pantheon. The lines of the Parthenon were intended to mirror the absolute perfection of the gods which is what the Greeks strove for. The Doric…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Architecture Of The Pantheon

    America currently has a building that almost replicates Roman architecture. That building is The U.S Supreme Court. Located in Washington D.C. built by Cass Gilbert from 1932- 1935 this building reflects a moderate amount of similarities to The Pantheon located in Rome, Italy. Some of the similarities are the elevation on a podium approached by fancy front staircase along with free standing columns located in the front of the building. When comparing them side by side you see Corinthian columns…

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  • Parthenon Vs Pantheon Research Paper

    Parthenon of Athens, built from 447 – 432 BCE and The Pantheon of Rome, built between 118 – 125 AD, are two structures which share many architectural features despite being built nearly 600 years apart. Both structures were built as replacements for structures which had been previously destroyed (the original building at the center of the Acropolis complex where The Parthenon now exists was destroyed in 480 BCE by invading Persians, and The original Pantheon was destroyed by fire in 80 AD). Both…

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  • Similarities And Differences In Ancient Rome

    majestic buildings dedicated to gods and lieders. Each of these civilizations share many similarities and differences in architecture and culturally. Based on images form the book Understanding Architecture, Temple of Amon Karnak, Parthenon Athens, and Pantheon Rome. These similarities and differences will be discussed in this essay. Also, a portion of this essay will research how and why these cultures chose to express their religious beliefs in there own way. These three great civilizations…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Greek Gods And Norse Mythology

    The Greco-Roman pantheon and the Norse pantheon are extremely similar to one another with similar roles. From Thor to Jupiter to Odin to Hephaestus, the gods in the pantheons. The “trickster” archetype is common throughout both even though it has a more obvious presence in the Norse Pantheon. The honorable warrior and thunder lord archetypes are almost explicitly the same since honorable warriors were at the height of both societies. The main goddesses in both are also extremely similar in their…

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  • Ancient Hittite Civilization

    extent, and by the time of the New Kingdom they practiced what is referred to as the extreme form of polytheism. Local Hattic deities predominated, but the political and military expansions made to the Hittite world caused the divine ranks of the pantheon to swell with members, many of were gods of city-states and kingdoms that succumbed to Hatti…

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  • Amphitheater In Ancient Roman Architecture

    Hadrian ruled from 118 AD. to 138 AD. There had been an earlier pantheon built between 27 and 25 B.C. by the Roman general Marcus Agrippa. This pantheon was destroyed by a major fire in 80 AD. The new pantheon that emperor Hadrian had built stood in the same place as the original. This pantheon was dated by the stamps on its bricks and is a total redesign of the original pantheon. The Pantheon features a Greek-style roof with red and gray granite columns. These columns are…

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  • Pax Romana In The Roman Empire

    until it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1463. To this day, the ideas that came from the Pax Romana are still used.In modern day architecture is mostly influenced by the Romans. For example, the British Museum Reading Room is built almost like the Pantheon. Most arenas like the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa share huge similarities to the Coliseum. There are languages such as Spanish, Romanian, Italian and Portuguese that are based off…

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  • Roman Architecture Research Paper

    baptismal hall was covered with marble and decorated with ritual inscriptions Religious sacrifices. The temple of Parthenon consists of four sections, unlike the other Greek temples. It consists of only three sections. The sections of the Temple of the Pantheon are: - The first section, which is the entrance of pronaos and has a small depth, preceded by a gallery on 6 columns of the periodic style. - The middle and sacred section is called CELLE or NAOS. This section is located just behind…

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