Pancreatic cancer

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  • Signs And Symptoms Of Pancreatic Cancer

    Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic cancer is an abnormal growth of cells (tumor) in the pancreas that is cancerous (malignant). The pancreas is a gland located in the abdomen, between the stomach and the spine. The pancreas makes hormones that help the body use and store energy that comes from food. The pancreas also makes pancreatic juices that help digest food. Pancreatic cancer can spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. The abdominal lymph nodes are the first place that may be affected…

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  • Informative Speech On Pancreatic Cancer

    Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. Studies show that one in three people will get some form of cancer in their lifetime. There are various different types of cancer, and many different treatments for specific cancers. Some cancer researchers and doctors have already found ways to treat different types of cancer, but not all of them. Cancer is basically when the cells in your body start to grow out of control. As I mentioned before there are many different kinds of…

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  • Animal Fat Linked To Pancreatic Cancer: Article Analysis

    Based off a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Women’s Fitness website claims that a decrease in the amount of red meat and dairy products consumed can reduce your risk of developing pancreatic cancer in an article titled “Animal Fat Linked to Pancreatic Cancer”. After the study and claim were both evaluated, this argument turns out to be inductively weak. The study conducted is a good study as it was a controlled study with one variable. However, the sample used to…

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  • Mixed Protein Solution For Pancreatic Cancer

    Currently, pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Furthermore, the five year survival rate of individuals diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has been estimated at just below 5%. This can be attributed to the fact that pancreatic cancer often progresses stealthily and physical symptoms (jaundice, abdominal pain, and weight loss) do not present until the cancer is in its later stages. As a result, the best way of treating pancreatic cancer is to…

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  • The Importance Of A Happy New Year To You And Your Family

    Hunter routine medical exam she had complained about a backache the she believed to be a pinched nerve we would find out later does she had stage 3 pancreatic cancers. from the time of their diagnosis until she was laid to rest was only 89 days it was a shock from the time she was diagnosed until 89 days when I laid her to rest. still in shock and really over the unexpected and untimely death of my mother…

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Case Study

    In 2016, my grandmother was diagnosis with pancreatic cancer. This is news that no family member would like to hear. I first heard about my grandmother’s diagnosis a day before presenting to my class on the same disease. It was very emotional for me to present on the topic of pancreatic cancer knowing that my grandmother also has the disease. It is necessary for friends, associates, family members, and healthcare practitioners to identify the five level of needs in an individual situation to…

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  • Steve Jobs: Pancreatic Cancer

    Steve Jobs, a man known for his inventions, is an enigma to the public eye. Starting his company out of his garage and transforming it into a fortune 500 empire. But nothing in his life was easy, from being put up for adoption, to getting pancreatic cancer, to even getting kicked out of his own company. His story is one of hard work and perseverance. All his life he has had his ups and downs, but he worked hard to succeed. From his early life, creating his company, and his health issues that he…

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  • Pancreatic Cancer Case Study

    1. What are Phil’s abnormal test results? His anion gap was low on both days with 5.0 mmol/L (normal being 10-20 mmol/L); his BUN was high with 53 mg/dL on day 1 and 49 mg/dL on day 2 (normal being 7-24 mg/dL); and his creatinine was high with 2.0 mg/dL on day 1 and 1.8 mg/dL on day 2 (normal being 0.5-1.2 mg/dL). 2. Do the laboratory results rule out a myocardial infarction? According to Lewandrowski, Chen, and Januzzi (2002), blood testing for cardiac biomarkers plays a vital role in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Father's Pancreatic Cancer

    turning boiling hot. Out of the blue, I hear “it’s pancreatic cancer”. I sat there anxiously tapping my feet on the hospital floor. I see my mom talking to the doctors with a perturbed face. Shocked and horrified as I am sitting there thinking “there has got to be something I could do to help”. My father was going through one of the top four dangerous cancers in the world. After hearing the news all my father cared about was fighting cancer. His energy and willpower got him to start the…

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  • Pancreatic Adenosquamous Carcinoma Case Study

    Significance Pancreatic adenosquamous carcinoma (ASC) is a rare but aggressive tumor, with higher metastatic potential and an even worse prognosis than pancreatic adenocarcinoma[1, 2]. A major hindrance towards development of therapies against pancreatic ASC is that the molecular mechanisms underlying its pathogenesis remain poorly characterized. In this proposal I will take advantage of the expertise on RNA biochemistry and molecular biology that I have acquired during my doctoral training and…

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