Palliative medicine

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Hospice Nurse

    Journal Assignment #2 As a new nurse, I started working in a local hospice agency located near my house. Among the duties I performed as hospice nurse include calling patients and their families to follow up on their conditions. One of the patients that I needed to check up on regularly was Mrs. L.J., an 82-year-old Lebanese woman residing in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). She had been admitted to the hospice from an oncology medical center and had been a hospice patient for less than a week.…

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  • Palliative Patients

    reports that more than one third of all deaths occur in the hospital setting (2011). However, most patients who die in the hospital setting do not receive palliative care (Imhof, Kaskie, & Wyatt, 2007). In their 2007 article “Finding the way to a better death: an evaluation of palliative care referral tools” Imhof, Kaskie and Wyatt assert that palliative care allows patients to experience a good death; a death in which pain and symptoms are better managed, and patients receive the emotional,…

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  • Why We Should Be Kept On Life Support Essay

    Kept on Life Support In discussion of life support, many question if people should be kept on life support. In one controversial issue is that in some occasions some people should not be on life support. On one hand, everybody is human in that they want to live, so they should have the right to be kept on life support. On the other hand, some may disagree with others because if they are hurting then they should not be on life support and should be able to leave this place. People should not be…

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  • Organ Donation Ethical Dilemmas

    Organ donation, and the ethical issues surrounding it, has become a topic of discussion in recent years. Most ethical issues involve patients and family, but it can also affect nurses and physicians. The article Organ Donation after Circulatory Death, the authors highlight the ethical dilemmas of organ donation due to “non-heart beating” death. In such cases the patient must die within 60 minutes after being removed from life support to be eligible for organ donation. With the shortage of…

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  • Case Study Hospice

    The same goes for someone who wishes to die at home. To receive the service from hospice, their homes have to meet certain criteria as well. If the patients’ home doesn’t have the means to provide the type of care they need at home, then there are palliative care units that they can go to but there are restriction on how long they can stay. Eventually the patient will end up in a long-term facility where a patient never wanted to be, especially the final days of his…

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  • Hospice Nursing Case Study

    I really enjoyed Hospice, and I haven’t been anywhere else but I have sense that it’ll be my favorite. Main reason being that Judy was amazing. She really showed me what Hospice is about and never treated her patients like they were a number. She took time to hear their complaints, or what was going on in their life which is definitely a sign of a great nurse. 1. Identify the purpose and functions of the agency. The hospice philosophy of care means providing comfort measures to…

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  • Sara Monopoli Research Paper

    Sara Monopoli’s death was peaceful but her process of dying was a struggle. In her process of treatment, she became frail. Her treatments had made her more ill than better and her quality of life had declined. All of Sara 's physicians were working toward saving her life. However, none of them really knew when to stop treating her aggressively. Sara, her family, and her doctors, wanted to fight and do all that can be done to get her well. They were fighting so hard that they might have…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Chemotherapy

    Cancer is a person’s worst nightmare because most people decide just to give up on life. Sometimes when people find out that they have cancer when it is in stage four, which is the final stage of all types of cancer. Most of the time, cancer patients want to take treatments, but some of them say that there is no reason to take treatments because they know that it will not help. Doctors try to get patients to take treatments in hopes of them living longer and possibly having more time to spend…

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  • End Of Life Pros And Cons

    When considering palliative care as an option, there is more to consider than just the patient. “Each individual’s needs should be viewed as a combination of physical, psychosocial, and spiritual components” (McCluskey, 2007, p.468) to enhance their quality of life. However…

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  • Osteosarcoma Case Study

    Osteosarcoma is an aggressive form of cancer that affects the bone growth locations in the body known as epiphyseal plate. Cancer occurs when the body’s cells being to divide at an astounding rate, but in the case of Osteogenic Sarcoma the cells are multiplying rapidly and creating a weak bone matrix replacing the healthy bone matrix. This disease affects young adults because bone growth is quicker in their bodies. It especially targets bones like the femur, tibia, humerus, but is not limited to…

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