Palliative medicine

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  • Euthanasia In Society

    physician-assisted suicide is a "Medical doctor helping a patient to die by prescribing a lethal overdose." Although the circumstances of being terminally ill and people wanting medical assistance to help them commit suicide has been around since medicine has, the idea and practice of euthanasia and PAS…

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  • Physician Assisted Death

    Physician-Assisted Death: The Right to Die A middle-aged woman lies in a hospital bed, dying of cancer. Her family sits around her, watching her struggle through the pain. She’d withdrawn from chemo and treatments months ago, and the pain medications no longer worked. The only thing left for her now was death, which would not come swiftly. Everyone watching longed for an end to their loved one’s suffering, wishing that there was a more immediate solution to her pain. No one realized that there…

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  • Personal Narrative: Education Does Not Determine Success

    Education Does Not Determine Success We are born, we live, and then ultimately, we die. Cindy Lee, age 56, knows this all too well. She is the owner and founder of Heart 'n Home Hospice & Palliative Care LLC whose mission statement is to, “optimize the quality of life for individuals in the final stages of terminal illness.” Hospice care is designed to give terminally ill patients in their final stages quality of life. Hospice does not try to find a cure, but rather to make the…

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  • Elma Case Study Ella's Case Solution

    Ella’s condition, she had various options before the cancer metastasized, depending on several factors such as the size of the cancerous tumor, location, if the cancer was invasive or non-invasive or had spread to her lymph nodes. Modern Western Medicine have provided patients such as Ella several treatment options to choose from depending on the factors listed above. Albeit, some cases of cancer are unavoidable, however, in Ella’s case there are treatment methods the could have prevented the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Death With Dignity

    There are a few valid points on disagreeing with assisted suicide such as the sanctity of life and receiving high-quality palliative care that make the topic argumentative. Death with Dignity should be legalized in more states to help those who are suffering, those who can no longer go on with the terminal illness they are fighting, and to end their long lasting hospital bills…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide Legalization

    to our national traditions and practices”. The court’s decision fails to take into consideration the fact that terminal sedation, heavily sedating patients and withholding food and water until they die, is legal and used widely in the practice of palliative treatment. The legalization of terminal sedation contradicts the court’s argument of intent, because when terminal sedation is used the doctor’s intent is to relieve pain by putting them into a deep unconscious state until they die. As David…

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  • Essay On End Of Life Care

    decision to make whether you’re the patient who wants makes decision on how you want your own care done or a love one who has to make the ultimate decision. This type of care is provided to patients during their final stages of life. Whether its palliative care that can help relieve some of their symptoms that arise from diseases or disorders that are curable or incurable to hospice that provides care to patients including children who are diagnosed with incurable disease that have 6 months or…

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  • Palliative Case Studies

    research that aims to prove the efficacy of the mechanism-based classification in persons suffering pain related to cancer. A major goal in palliative care has been pain management and. The goal for most palliative care interventions is to increase quality of life mutually for the family and the patient. Physical Therapy plays a significant part in palliative due to the gifted members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team headed for management of chronic pain. Pain necessarily involves three…

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  • Archer Case Study Odette Case

    At their request, Midazolam[3] (known to be the most frequently reported individual drug for inducing terminal sedation) was added to the two drug palliative care prescription for symptom control, via continuous subcutaneous infusion by syringe driver, but when the terminal stage was taking too long Odette Kelly maliciously tampered with the syringe driver and overdosed her, thus committing murder in…

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  • Terminal Pediatric Client Research Paper

    (2012). Nurse’s nonverbal methods of communicating with patients in the terminal phase. International Journal of Palliative Nursing, 18 (1), 40-46. Retrieved from…

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