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  • Race And Diversity In Santha Rama Rau's Two Ways To Belong In America?

    “My son, Wind-Wolf, is not an empty glass coming into your class to be filled. He is a full basket coming into a different environment and society with something special to share”(Lake p. 75). These are the dying words of Robert Lake’s essay, An Indian Father’s Plea, regarding his son who was viewed as a slower learner by his teacher. This is one of the many scenarios people face everyday when dealing with one’s culture. The country people are born, the traditions people contain, and the new…

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  • Hypocrisy In Angela M. Balcita's The Americano Dream

    Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. America isn’t a promised land, nor is it a hodge-podge of everyone who wanted a different life from the norm. It’s a hypocrisy, from the roots to the leaves. The first time I realized this was the summer of my sophomore year of high school. The day in question, August 9th, didn’t start out any different for me. I woke up to the early morning peeking and browsed the internet, as any teen with a free summer day on their hands does. I had only just…

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  • Interracial Single Parent Families

    There is no direct solution for these problems due to the fact that every interracial couple and family deal with their problems differently, which means they are more likely to find each solution that works for them. Not all solutions can work for all of us however, that does not mean that the possible solutions I provided in this section would not be accomplished. First, the counselors should establish as many possible goals as necessary for their clients to pursue. Establishing goals help a…

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  • South African Religion

    pastor from New York, since we came all the way to South Africa and heard a sermon from another American pastor. The pastor’s sermon was about love and acceptance, which is also interesting given the churches history and apartheid. Another aspect of the service, which I thought was different was the use of incents. I had never been to a church service where they used incents, which were symbolizing cleansing and for prayer. I thought it was an interesting element to the service, although I was…

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  • Essay On Duality In America

    choose when not to face these issues--they are in many ways trifling but, nevertheless, detrimental to my growth as a member of the music scene in America. I want the world to give its last racist, stereotypical, bigoted script to an American-born Indian who grew up in Kansas and attended Northwestern and Johns Hopkins. I want to see the world conform and not possess the need of vandalizing our identity as…

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  • Happy Sushi, By W. B. Yelp !

    It is common for people of the first world to wander from their place of home to consume food that might not be completely natural to them. Some do prefer to stick to what they know, but others like to experience something new and fresh. I, personally, enjoy going out to eat. I like trying foods that I don’t normally have prepared for me at home. In that, there are places that I like to visit more than once, because I can appreciate the service, ethnicity, and quality of food that they offer.…

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  • Ernest Hemingway Indian Camp Analysis

    Ernest Hemingway once said ”there is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow men. True nobility lies in being superior to your former self.” In the story “Indian Camp” Nick, his father and his uncle George travel to an Indian Camp where there is a woman who is having trouble in labor. When approached, the woman is screaming on top of her lungs. Nick asks why, and his father has to explain to him that she is in labor. Nick has an uneasy feeling and keeps looking away. Nick’s father started…

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  • Andrew Jackson's Leadership Style

    Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States of America, he served two terms as a Democratic Republican from 1829-1837. The entire Jackson campaign not only started up revolutionary political election tactics such as rallies, parades, and lavish dinners that supporters paid for, but it also sparked up a whole new era of mass democracy, and gave birth to the political party that we now know as the “Democrats”. Mr. Jackson considered himself, a president for the people, with a…

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  • Modernism In Indian Camp, By Ernest Hemingway

    for example F Scott Fitzgerald, “You don 't write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say”. Among many of the famous Modernist writers, Ernest Hemingway played a significant part in the influential movement. In Indian Camp, Hemingway uses his modernist techniques to construct a simple work of literature…

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  • Examples Of Injustice In The Bean Trees

    Immigrants in America My mother, an immigrant from Romania, came to America when she was in her mid-twenties. She knew that America would be better for her because of the injustices she suffered in Communist Romania. Although they are not as violent, such injustices were still present in America. Her accent and dress were mocked, she was told to leave the country, and few Americans would befriend her. Most immigrants must endure unfair treatment. The Bean Trees, written by Barbara Kingsolver, is…

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