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  • Stray Current Corrosion Case Study

    Stray current corrosion: Stray current is the current which occurs when conductors are placed between high magnetic or electric fields. Presence of stray currents over the PCB surface can generate corrosion problems. The below figure 5 shows severe corrosion damage to micro wave module for 24 GHz. This equipment is built in controlled conditions where water condensation is possible. After few hours of use, severe corrosion was seen on the surface. Figure 5. Stray current corrosion of a micro…

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  • Magnet Essay

    experiment demonstrates the laws very well, however, it is not particularly useful for a comprehensive investigation as the magnet is out of view whilst in the tube. Lenz’s law can also be demonstrated through passing a metal sheet through a magnetic field and observing the slowing of the metal sheet, however, there are limited results from this experiment as the resources aren’t readily available. One of the benefits from this investigation is that the magnetic braking force acts continuously…

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  • Torsion Device Design Project

    The mini torsion device that will be designed for this senior design project will apply a torsional load to a small cylindrical sample with a diameter of 5 mm or 6 mm. The device will need to fit under an optical microscope and will not be able to exceed the weight limits of the sample stage on the optical microscope so that Raman microscopy can be performed on the sample while it is under a torsional load. The device will also need to collect data and calculate the angle of twist of the sample.…

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  • Essay On Pol Pot

    Pol Pot: Beast of the Southeast Of all the cruel and horrendous tyrants history has bedeviled upon humanity, Pol Pot is among the most evil and unforgiving. It was under his rule that from 1975 to 1979, millions of innocent lives were snuffed out during an event known as the Cambodian Genocide. The Cambodian Genocide was an effort by the tyrannical government of Cambodia, known as the Khmer Rouge, to establish a perfect communist utopia. They planned to do this by disposing of anyone in the…

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  • Similarities And Differences: The Armenian Genide And Cambodian Genocide

    In the past hundred of years many genocide atrocities have occurred, taking a toll on human lives, and influencing the history of countries worldwide. The Armenian Genocide and Cambodian Genocide occurred at two very different times, but there are connections between the two that make them comparable. The Armenian Genocide beginning on April 24, 1915 was under the rule of the Young Turks, who wanted to to turkify the Ottoman Empire, by ridding it of any Non- Turks, especially those of whom were…

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  • The Importance Of Handling Metals

    variable frequency eddy current sorter (VFECS) prototype to separate different nonferrous metal and alloy of size smaller than 1 inches. VEFECS is a solid state technology which operates at variable high frequency range between 1 – 10 KHz. The magnetic field frequency plays an important role in sorting of different nonferrous metals and alloys from each…

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  • Sour Lake Case Study

    While this is in fact a more recent study the same holds true for older boomtowns. Sour Lake experienced a huge influx of unmarried men to a town with little else to offer other than the work in the oil industry. The town had no bars, no theater, no stores, essentially no businesses other than the hotel. Many of these single men arrived with no shelter or food and no way to attain these things. Consequently, these men had a lot of time on there hands in which to get into trouble. As a…

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  • Ibm Case Study

    skills in order to put together a strategic data storage plan and present it to Google’s potential new clients. The job I looked at that requires the most skills is a Global Account Director for Oil Field services at SAP. This position requires a vast knowledge of the oil field as well as the oil fields data handling processes. You must have great organizational skills since this job makes you the main contact for a large oil company. You will be approached with many diverse problems and will…

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  • Shift In The Mechanical Industry

    more than anything, so I will incorporate ways of how my claim can improve their job, and how their job may change due to the shift. As my intended major is mechanical engineering, it is important for me to research problems in mechanical engineering field, because these might be the problems I will face in the future, so it is important for me to not only be aware of the problems, but what I should do now to prepare for them. As of now, I think the most effective genre to argue and address my…

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  • Lambeau Field: Marketing Campaign Analysis

    For Lambeau Field, the main customers will be NFL fans, and more specifically Packers fans. Currently, the majority of NFL fans are male, approximately 65% (Eby, 2013). It will be important to try and reach some more women in advertising to try and grow the fanbase of the NFL. Around 71% of NFL fans are over 35 years old (Eby, 2013). Therefore, younger fans should be targeted in ad campaigns more. Obviously it is important to keep the audience you have, but growing the fanbase is also huge. If…

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