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  • The Reflection Of Mechanical Power

    Mechanical power is defined as torque and RPM (rotation per minute) and electric power is defined as current and voltage. Therefore, in order convert mechanical power into electric power, torque shall be converted into current and rpm shall be changed into voltage. The relation between the rpm and voltage can be defined with equations with the use of Equations. When there is a decrease in value in equations there is an increase in efficiency of power generator. In here, there is no loss when…

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  • Criticism And Utilitarianism In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

    Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens which judge the English society and tells us about the social and economic pressures of the 19th century. Hard Times is a Victorian novel and is very realistic. Victorian novels bring about realism in literature. Dickens novels are realistic depiction of Victorian society like class consciousness, rapid urbanization, poverty, child labor etc. Dickens talk about love, aspiration, human passion and Hard Times is a novel written by Charles Dickens…

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  • Gloil Case Study

    1 Company Profile Gloil is a manufacturing company based in the USA, dealing with the provision of oil mining machinery and advanced technology. Operating on a multinational level, Gloil targets countries with oil mining, but focuses on those that have only recently discovered their oil wells. 1.1 Products and Services Among the products that the company provides include tricone bits, sucker rods, oil drilling stabilizers and hydraulic accumulators (Oil News). These forms of machinery make it…

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  • Paramagnetism Research Paper

    Diamagnetism can make levitation possible. How? Diamagnetic materials are repelled by magnetic fields. The most diamagnetic materials are graphite and bismuth. Technically, everything is diamagnetic but the force of it is very weak. Diamagnetism is present in everything, but is only observable if other types of magnetism, such as paramagnetism, ferromagnetism, ferrimagnetism, antiferromagnetism, etc. do not overwhelm it. Most of the time, diamagnetic materials’ effect is very weak. Levitating…

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  • The Oil Boom In Oklahoma

    1. Title of the Lesson: The Oil Boom in Oklahoma 2. Instructional Unit: Oklahoma After World War II 3. Target Audience (Course & Grade Level): Oklahoma History/ 9th Grade 4. Time Requirement/Duration of lesson: 2 Class days/ 60-minute class times. 5. Introduction or Rationale (Significance) of the lesson: During the lesson students will be introduced to the economic impact of fossil fuels, the development of Tulsa as the “Oil Capital of the World”, oil reserves (Anadarko Basin), and how…

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  • Shell Oil Company Globalization On The Ogoni Culture

    Task 1 Part A Shell Oil Company globalization impacted the Ogoni culture in the Niger Delta, Nigeria (Unknown, UNPO, 2009). In 1956 Shell Oil Company, out of Britain found oil deposits and commenced drilling the Niger Delta (Unknown, UNPO, 2009). Before the oil industry globalization, the Ogoni culture had a culture of tradition expanding over 500 years. Furthermore, the Ogoni culture lived off the land, without repercussions from today’s modernization, laws and technology. The Ogoni culture…

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  • Ekofisk Oil Field

    1. Introduction Ekofisk Oil Field is the North Sea’s first giant oil field which was discovered by Philips Petroleum in 1969 and approved for development in 1972. Ekofisk oil field is an oil field in block 2/4 which located at the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea (Figure 1.1). The total recoverable reserves of Ekofisk Oil field originally were 3, 324.2 million bbl oil, 156.1 bn ccm gas and 14.5 million tonnes of NGL. As of December 2012, the remaining recoverable reserves are…

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  • Utilitarianism And Consequentialism In Nigeria

    Introduction: Business was started by Shell in Nigeria in 1937 as Shell darcy and was given a license of exploration .Olioberi was the first commercial oil field discovered in the Niger Delta. Prior to discovery of oil, Nigeria depended on agricultural exports to other countries. The largest fossil fuel company in Nigeria is Shell Petroleum Development Company, which operates over 6000 kms. The villages’ individuals surrounding facilities of oil production occasionally drill holes into pipelines…

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  • Electro Mechanical Actuator Case Study

    How Electro-mechanical Actuator Works? A Rotary Electromechanical Actuation system with an Electric Motor, a gear box & an elastic spring to absorb peak torque loads experienced during operational life. The Schematic below describes the system. Fig. 1.1 Rotary Electro-mechanical Actuator Gearbox Requirements: The Gear Box at the Motor Output is intended to amplify the torque output of the Motor with reduction in speed. The tentative ratio is set at 10:1. Functional Requirements of…

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  • AC Voltage Advantages And Disadvantages

    AC stands for alternating current which means that the current flows in both directions. So instead of flowing from one source to another, the current can flow from both the source and the recipient to each other. AC voltage is the current that comes from an electrical plug. An advantage of AC voltage is the fact that the power of the voltage can be altered with a transformer. Fig.1 graph showing AC and DC current On the other hand DC voltage stands for direct current. This means that the…

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